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Meet Avalon, she's grown up on a cattle station in northern Qld, now due to her parents' divorce she has been forced to move in with her mother in a city beach suburb. Having never set foot in a school environment...she's a little unorthodox especially when she pits wills against the school's 'King of the Waves'. Avalon is not one to back down in any situation and loves to stir certain people up. She never refrains from saying what she thinks... And will let nothing get between her and her horse... Avalon author palominolane

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This story is by my beautiful friend who we shall call Palomino! I'd like to point out that it is a first draft which is posted on a writing site called Wattpad. So before anyone posts a review please take into consideration that this story is UNEDITED & UNFINISHED!!

Now to fangirl!! Absolutely love the many quirky and relatable characters based on the many characters Palomino has met over the years. The story is based in Australia and is set in the outback. Avalon is charismatic and a beautiful soul who sees the good in everyone... well almost everyone LOL! People are drawn to her personality and caring nature but be warned if you mess with her friends or family she has another side that bites!
All in all it's a brilliant read (even unedited) that'll leave you wanting more! Can't wait for my hard copy when she publishes Avalon!!! xxx Avalon author palominolane This book, while still a work in progress, portrays such a vibrant main character that I couldn't put it down. I am enthralled with avalon and her antics. I can't wait to see what she does next. Avalon author palominolane I love Avalon she is the strongest more courageous character I have read about. Well written and love the love triangle NOVA!!! Avalon author palominolane This is one of the best books I've ever read. It's comical but realistic. I find it quite inspiring. It's a book everyone should read, even if you don't think you'll like it since horses are an important part of it. Avalon author palominolane

You’ll never meet anyone else like her, she’s got a loving heart of gold filled with truth, justice….and the Avalon way.

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Join Avalon in her beach city adventures as she battles wits with her evil mother, takes down the school’s #1 hottie surfer boy – AKA her next door neighbor, saves a local ranch, and restores the sanity of the elderly in a nursing home; all while being honest and cheeky, never letting anyone get her down, and always having the last word. Fearlessly independent, she’s a force to be reckoned with either standing up to bullies or implementing her wild ideas. She can sing most any song to accompany her antics and she’s the best friend you could ever ask for. She desperately wants to get back home to her precious cattle station, but she’s making new friends and showing them that there’s more to life than popularity and how you look. She’s the backbone they need to change their lives for the best.

This is the most superb book I’ve read in…..like I don’t even remember the last great book I’ve read because this one is that awesome! Let me list some of Avalon’s antics for ya:

1. She gets Surf King Seth’s maid to make cooking tutorials naked, only wearing an apron. Avalon posts these on youtube under the channel name The Naked Chef, securing the maid fame and possibly a future career.

2. Avalon sings Hannah Montana in a biker bar reminiscent of the Tangled pub scene, and when they are about to go ape-sh*t crazy on her, she makes it up to them, jamming on the electric guitar and performs AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, then requests donations for instruments to give to a nursing home.

3. She drives an excavator and uses it to dangle Seth’s car in front of his house, and when the police come to question her, she opens the door in cute pajamas and tells them Seth is always trying to get her to kiss him.

These are just snippets at what goes on, the entire book is one expedition of amazing. The author is still updating, but there are already 42 glorious chapters to read.....so GET TO IT! read Avalon on wattpad

Avalon author palominolane