Asteroid Hunters By Carrie Nugent

A concise, entertaining and informative book written by a gifted science communicator. For those interested in space science and especially asteroids Dr. Nugent’s insights, expertise and humor shine a light of understanding on these “starlike” space rocks. I read this Asteroid Hunters A well presented and even entertaining look at asteroid hunting and a realistic assessment of the potential threat they pose and realistic options for countermeasures. Asteroid Hunters Wow! This book is so much fun! All the facts and science are just part of the journey in this book, as Dr. Nugent walks us through the history of asteroids, up through current asteroid hunting efforts. I love the part about the squabbling of the discoverers of the Asteroid Hunters Dr. Nugent explains in her fun, engaging, scientific, and totally accessible and understandable to non professional scientists like me that asteroid strikes are the only natural disaster which we can prevent. It has also been explained that the difference between Humans Asteroid Hunters Asteroids are fascinating in and of themselves. This book goes beyond facts and delves into the real life stories of the people and institutions actively scanning the night skies. Dr. Nugent's writing style is educated yet conversational, so it is accessible to a wide Asteroid Hunters

Asteroid Hunters by Carrie Nugent is a highly recommended quick look at asteroids. This is the published version of a TED talk that would be a good choice for anyone interested in learning about asteroids, from as young as age 10 to adult. This book could be the Asteroid Hunters I want to recommend Dr. Nugent's book particularly for science educators, mathematics educators, science teachers, and math teachers (late elementary and up). It's a fascinating read with funny stories (and lovely artwork) that would engage students, whether they were Asteroid Hunters A 5 star book. An interesting subject presented in an approachable and understandable manner. The case for why the asteroid hunt is important, the history of the hunt, the current status and techniques of the hunt, and what's next were all laid out in an easy to follow Asteroid Hunters

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