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Just received this today. Good Quality book but the only think I don't like is that the print is very small so I should have listened to one of the other reviewers when they said that the print was so small that they could not read it. I am able to read it but it would be much comfortable to read if the print was at least twice as large as what they have used. Apocrypha, King James Version Todah Rabah And All Praises To The Most High Yah Of IsraelSouthern Kingdom was scattered to the four corners of the earth as it is written in Isaiah 11:11 12 and the real Northern Kingdom is still on the continent of so called AfricaThe tents of Judah are waking up in these last days and it’s high time we come out of sleep oh house of Israel and turn back to our Elohim!!! The 1/3rd Of The remnant gets it!!! HalleluYAH!!! Apocrypha, King James Version A must have sword for those descended from your father's line (so called black and Indigenous of the Americas) who have been scattered to the 4 corners of the Earth as prophesied waking up and taking back our book written by us for us. This book also covers the feast day Christ observed in John 10:22 which came about in the Book of Maccabees. It also covers the verse spoken by Christ in Matthew 23:37 which He got in the Book of 2 Esdras 1:30 and the revealing of what nation is the 4th beast which was not expounded upon to Daniel and many . Apocrypha, King James Version The Bible is Amazing! A Must Have to increase your knowledge faith and Joy! Excellent for researching! Apocrypha, King James Version It Did Come Wrapped In Plastic.
The Print Is Clear.
Would Order Again.
Would Recommend To Buy.
Small Damage On The Back. Apocrypha, King James Version

This is the complete Christian Apocrypha as it appeared in pre 1666 King James Bibles. Apocrypha, King James Version


Everyone knows that the Apocrypha is not canonical scripture. Is it inspired by God? I don’t know.
But is it worth reading for the professing Christian? Yes. If anything, this book is like a devotional that holds a place higher above any that you’ve encountered. I haven’t read every book yet. But, I’ve found, ‘The wisdom of Solomon’, and, ‘Ecclesiasiticus’, especially interesting since I take a profound interest into the poetic books of psalms, Ecclesiastes, proverbs and job. The wisdom of Solomon and Ecclesiasticus borrow verses from the book of psalms and hold the same ideas that Solomon presents in his books found in the Bible. The wisdom of Solomon also reads much like a New Testament letter, and his criticisms of idols are very in tune with the letter of romans. How the wisdom of Solomon starts off is astounding too, as it seems that the term “yolo” is timeless with the wicked.
He also goes on to say later that those who accept Christ are better off dying at the hands of perscutors as a martyr then living many days on earth giving him ample time to commit sins and or backslide to turn away from his first love. How that the man who is old (if both are saved) with gray hairs on his head is actually in less honor to him that is younger because the older is has had time to commit sins on earth, then the young man who dies because his righteousness is imputed unto him and is quickly taken to heaven to make certain of his sinless life. Solomon says that the man who has a less sinful life and righteous deeds is real man who has gray hairs, and not the one who is old. There is I can say, but I will leave it here. Apocrypha, King James Version I was hoping Enoch would be in here but its not oh well its still a lot in here very glad to have it Apocrypha, King James Version The Apocrypha dead Sea scrolls are Christian religious texts written by various believers in God, even some who still are considered to be quite heretical in their actions, and points of view, or spiritual inspirations according to some religious historical scholars

Many centuries ago now there was a great Christian religious conference held in Europe to actually decide upon which Dead Sea scrolls and Holy books would be included in the new King James version of the Bible?

Suffice, to say most of the decisions made at that time about which old and new testament books would officially get endorsed by this Christian religious counsel and included in this new public KJV protestant version of the Bible was in reality at that time in history; politically, racially, economically, and socially motivated and not inspired spiritually by the true sovereign God Head as these historical decisions should have been made with all along

Thus, sadly the early Protestant Churches Papal Theocracy and King James who was historically by most accounts known for being an; evil, greedy, and power hungry, English monarch, in which both of these ruling religious authorities had their own ulterior motives for only the 66 books they actually decided to include in the new KJV Bible

Therefore, the Apocrypha basically consist of some of the other spiritually inspired Dead Sea scroll books that did not get included at all in the original KJV Bible

However, interestingly the Catholic church did decide to pick and choose many additional Dead Sea scroll books to include in their personal Catholic versions of the Bible. Thus, the Catholic Bible actually includes than just 66 books in their Holy Scripture Texts, unlike the traditional Protestant Bible versions

Read, the Apocrypha to find out what not, so good Ole King James decided to leave out for his own selfish personal benefit and to enforce the Bible books he actually liked for his own political gain! Apocrypha, King James Version Most mainstream christians are stuck with only being taught with in the boundaries of the 66 canonical books that are in the bibles we read today. When in reality there are many books taken out by the early church for reasons unknown. For example Book of Enoch was found amongst the dead sea scrolls along with 21 fragments of book of Noah only book that was not amongst the scrolls was book of Ester which happens to be only canonical book in bible today that doesn't even mention God. Do your research and find the truth and the truth shall set you free!!!! Apocrypha, King James Version These 14 books of the Apocrypha were removed by the Catholic Church in 1885 in order to hide the truth of the bloodline Hebrew Israelites. In the book of 2nd Esdras, you learn that the Northern Kingdom of Israel came to the America's before anybody else and it took them 1.5 years to get here. This is why Hebrew artifacts are found all over Native American land and the pyramids in South America are the same geometrical angles as the ones in Egypt. The Los Lunas Decalogue stone in New Mexico has the 10 commandments carved in Paleo Hebrew said to be over 2,000 years old. These books prove that the Hispanics, Native Americans and African Americans are the bloodline descendants of the Hebrew Israelites under the curses of Deuteronomy 28 until the return of Messiah, Yahawashi ha Mashiach. Apocrypha, King James Version