Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) By Baileigh Higgins

Yay! Another badass novella! Can’t wait to read the next book! Love this series! Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) Good storyline

Wow this is getting really good. I can’t believe Nick took a chance. This is going to be epic. Saul is going to be so mad and I don’t blame him. The drama is so enticing that it keeps me glued to the story. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) Another exciting episode in the end of the world series by Baileigh Higgins! I liked this & found it an enjoyable read! Looking forward to the next! Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) I thought this was the last book in the series, so I was very surprised, first when it reached 80% and I couldn't imagine it ending and second when it ended and it was all, despite my previous thought, more or less resolved. It felt like it was meant to end but changed plan at the last minute to make room for another book.
So, this book 3 wasn't too bad. It's still not my favourite with too many things that don't feel really apocalyptic like enough electricity, hot showers, functional hospitals and lots of supply and ammo to spend while on the other hand 4 hours of hordes walking through a city then simply disappear.
There is also a slight love triangle but luckily this doesn't take centre stage and actually fits quite good into Dylan's development. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) Outstanding run through the zombie apocalypse

And action packed thrilling run through a zombie apocalypse. An incredible cast of characters that you will enjoy getting to know and follow during their track through the zombie apocalypse. A virologist Doctor Who tried to warn her superiors about the outbreak morphing into something worse and being ignored. Finally makes her way back to the United States and is able to create a cure and is working on a vaccine. As always tends to happen in an apocalypse there are humans out there that act worse than zombies. Our characters are not safe from the zombies and they are not safe from men who do evil. The story is told in a very entertaining and thorough way which will make you feel the characters and get to know them. You will be sad when you lose one and shout hell yeah when they nail one of the bad guys. One of my favorite authors and I highly recommend check out all her books Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead)

Survival is just the beginning...

After a dangerous cross-country journey through the post-apocalyptic United States, Saul and his companions reach Fort Detrick only to find it infested by the living dead. If they are to have any hope of creating a cure they must take back the facility one bloody floor at a time…

The war for humanity’s future has just begun.

In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, humankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction. For the few remaining survivors, each day is a test of survival. Can they fight back or will they fall prey to the relentless undead hordes?

Book three of a thrilling new post-apocalyptic series, Apocalypse Z. Hold onto your seat because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

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Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead)

Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) - a review by Rosemary Kenny

Continuing the story of Dr Tara Lee, developer of the only effective antidote to the dreaded Vita virus, that has killed millions and created almost as many undead to rise and attack. Survivors, such as siblings Amy and Alex, Saul, Ethan and (rescued from a vile fate by Tara's serum), Dylan, who's been left psychologically scarred by the terrible previous events that have befallen her, are few and far between.
Hoping to reach sanctuary in a military base, where Tara previously worked in its lab, this small band of survivors fight their way through zombie hordes and other dangers,that threaten their lives - and their minds.
What happens next will thrill, shock and definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, as you delve into this unputdownable novel, Apocalypse Z: Book 3, in Baileigh Higgins' excellent Rise of the Undead series.
Grab your copy today-it's sure to be a bestseller and even more sure to sell out fast-so don't delay! Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) I am utterly swept up by this Baileigh Higgins zombie apocalypse series called Rise of the Undead. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 continues the narrative about a group of survivors that have managed to survive individual experiences while united in an attempt to not just exist separately but thrive together. The survivors arrive at Fort Detrick just in a nick of time seeing as how the survivors there are barely holding on. Dr. Tara Lee is considered a valuable asset, seeing as how she has developed a vaccine against the deadly Vita virus, but because she is new to the fort, the lead officer considers her an unknown. Saul and Dylan are incarcerated because every new person is isolated for the first week in order to ascertain if they are infected. Dylan is unable to hide her disdain for the powers that be and so makes things more difficult for herself. It is only when Tara vouches for them and puts Saul and Dylan on the frontline of protection that they earn the trust of the inhabitants of the fort, but even so people have witnessed the residual effects of the virus on Dylan and there is a secretive, concerted effort to ostracize and eliminate Dylan. This is riveting and about as unputdownable a series as I have found. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) This was a tad better than the others. The clearing the lab part was pretty cool. The bad guys are even more daft than our heroes in this book. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) These stories are written so well and so easy to read that the pages just fly by. It’s fast-paced, with great characters that continue to fight on many fronts – it’s not only zombies that are a problem.

I have the omnibus edition and I’ve loved following the stories of the numerous characters.

Very well done and recommended. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead) Another great book, full of drama, suspense and non stop action, that kept me captive to the end, and disapointed when it finished! I was surprised and pleased to find there were more books in the series, and I can't wait to get started on the next one, the narration was wonderful. I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Apocalypse Z: Book 3 (Rise of the Undead)


Baileigh Higgins ✓ 9 Review