Ancient Greek Religion By Jon D. Mikalson



Ancient Greek Religion : Mikalson, Jon D.: : Böcker Ancient Greek Religion

A good textbook, well formatted and well researched.It is extremely approachable with a wide knowledge based.I highly suggest this book.My only regrets were that it didn't go as in depth as I would have liked, and it seemed to be lacking in appendicies and idexes. Pocketbok Really great book on geek pre Christian religious practices. Very detailed but also easy to understand and get through. Hard to put down it’s so good. Pocketbok Excellently written, with a good overview of the religious activities and sanctuaries of ancient Athens mostly on which it is heavily focused. It also makes a good description of the role played by religion in the lives of Ancient Greeks both on a personal level but also on a community level.Minor complaints is that this book does not present any hymns or rituals in much detail nor does it cover much besides Athens. Finally, the author could have developed the theology and philosophy behind the Ancient Greek religion a bit .But otherwise, this is an excellent introduction and overview of the topic of Ancient Greek religion. Pocketbok