An Inside Job: From Life in a Maze, to an Amazing Life By Dejuan Dj Verrett

An Inside Job is a true and an inspiring story of one man's quest to find internal freedom and self-acceptance. This journey takes you from the gang-infested streets of Los Angeles, California, into some of the most notorious and violent federal prisons in the United States while DJ served a twenty years prison sentence. Then one day, everything changed... While looking into the graffiti scarred stainless steel mirror bolted to the wall in his 8x6 concrete cell, DJ found what he was looking for, freedom. This heartfelt story of redemption is not only inspiring, it is thought provoking, and challenges you to find internal freedom from actual prisons, and the prisons of our own making. An Inside Job will encourage you to summon the strength to look within yourself, to break the chains that bind you by getting out of that maze, so that you may live an Amazing Life. An Inside Job: From Life in a Maze, to an Amazing Life

This book was loaned to me by a friend and I thought I'd give it a go. Grabbed me right away and kept me right to the end. An amazing story, as the title alludes. I am happy I actually got to meet this fine gentleman. He tells a hell of a story and much of it is from hell, but this man conquers his circumstances and himself and is blessed with a second chance at a meaningful life filled with love and purpose. Sometimes late at night I can get anxiety just thinking what it would be like to be housed in solitary for any amount of time (I know, weird). All I have to do is remember that this man came through that kind of torture a better person. Not many do, so he is a beautiful example. 514


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