Amigurumi Treasures 2: 15 More Crochet Projects To Cherish By Erinna Lee

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In her second book, designer Erinna Lee reveals 15 fabulous amigurumi, outfitted with the most kawaii accessories. Bonnie the Teddy has a passion for costume making and fancy dress, Darcy the Dragon is learning how to fly and blow big fireballs, Hattie the Mouse loves her online shopping and Detective Benedict the Shrew is busy cracking the case of the missing yarn. And they have a lot friends, with gorgeous dreams and passions of their own. Having these little sweethearts around will be sure to make you smile! The 15 amigurumi in this book are dazzling little delights, waiting to be discovered and cherished by you. Erinna shares a wealth of information in this book, so with a couple of stitches and some soft yarn, youll make your very own amigurumi treasure trove in no time! Amigurumi Treasures 2: 15 More Crochet Projects To Cherish

Love to crochet. Haven’t start this project yet. Polyandry I want to crochet them all!! Polyandry These are so cute! I want to make them all! Polyandry This is far the best book I ever purchased, the instructions are so clear and well written. I am a beginner crocheter, I made my first doll and it came out beautifully. It prompted me to buy a second book. Highly recommended it! Polyandry I am color blind so the red wording is hard for me to see. Other then that I love the book Polyandry


Absolutely perfect.the patterns are easy to follow, even for a beginner. They require a small amount of yarn. The finished projects are ao cute! Polyandry