The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 10: Green Goblin Returns By Nick Spencer

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Sins rose and are now falling. The Sin Eater has returned and his scope has gone HUGE. All of Ravencroft and New York City are in danger and not in a way you can possibly expect. Situations like this make strange bedfellows and this story (including the enormous AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #850) will not disappoint!


3.5 stars. In issue #48, the Sin Eater has his sights set on Norman as the next person to be “cleansed”. Parker has a decision to make. Does he let the Sin Eater have Norman or does he try and stop him. Issue #49 AKA #850, Peter has made his choice and has sprung into action. But with the Sin Eater still gathering other people’s powers, Peter has to do the unthinkable to win the day. The main story of issue #850 was pretty good, I was into it. It’s the back up mini stories that were pretty boring. However, I’m still wondering why Marvel didn’t put the Sins of Norman Osborne issue in here as it was definitely part of the story. Maybe it’s just a misprint and when this book actually comes out it will be in there. We’ll see. 1302920251 This volume rolls over from the last volume, Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer, Vol. 9: Sins Rising, with Spider-Man the only thing standing in the way of Norman Osborn losing his powers and truly repenting all his sins, at the hands of possible combination of Sin Eater AND Sin Eater's disciples AND the Juggernaut! The Order of the Web (Madame Webb, Spider-Woman, Miles etc.) stand in the shadows debating the best moment to step in to save Spider-man from a death foretold!

I get the sense that maybe to newer and younger readers this is all thrilling stuff, but I just don't feel like there's any real jeopardy for Spidey under Spencer, like he's just going through the motions, creating arcs just to show how heavy handed Kindred is in Spider-Man's life? Still Green Goblin is Green Goblin and Norman always gets under my skin, such a great character! 6 out of 12.

PS: The Goodreads has got the comic book listing for this volume wrong, it is actually:\
- Amazing Spider-Man s05 #48
- ASM Sins of Norman Osborn #1
- Amazing Spider-Man s05 #49/#85o (90 page special)
- ASM & Venom FCBD, 'Moonlighting', the Spider-Man and Black Cat short story. 1302920251 Spencer treads water throughout this whole volume in what is really the 2nd half of the Sins Rising story. We find absolutely nothing out as Spider-Man and Green Goblin hash out their beefs in the same way they have in at least 10 other Green Goblin appearances. The Sin Eater continues to make no sense and should have remained dead. Then there's the whole Order of the Web nonsense where the Spider-Family stands around in limbo watching Spider-Man fight a gazillion Sin Eater disciples and talk about how he's made the wrong decision instead of helping him and I'm calling BS, because that would never happen. It's about time to take Spider-Man away from Nick Spencer. His stories go absolutely nowhere. 1302920251 Finally a pretty fun arc with a lot of great moments.

Peter has to decide if he should let Sin Eater kill Osborn or save Osborn. You know, the guy who has made Peter's life extremely miserable. By killing his friend, lover, and more Peter could easily let Sin Eater finish him off. At the same time, he can't seem to just let someone be murdered in front of him. So his Spider Friends, Miles, Gwen, and more come to try to give him aid but will they be able to steer peter in the right direction.

Most of this was pretty good. I really liked some of the moments with Osborn and Peter bickering and having to work together. Some of the art was fantastic with awesome fight scenes. Watching the Spider-Friends help Peter and care for him was great too. I can't say I loved the idea of them having to just watch in the background or the actual Sin Eater threat being kind of lame, but overall most of this book was a step up from the last few. Around a 3.5 but I'll round it up to a 4. 1302920251 Part two of Nick Spencer’s Sin-Eater story-arc and I’m still wishing they’d left the character dead, moreso if anything. The Norman Osborn aspect of the story felt tired and done before. I didn’t buy all of Pete’s allies spending the better part of two issues standing on the sidelines debating whether to help him or not. The only part of the story I did like is the slow build to the confrontation with Kindred.

The art was OK, but felt a bit rushed to me. The multiple artist changes hurt the story too. I fervently wish they’d put out fewer issues a year but keep the same artist throughout, to be honest.

The highlight of the book to me was the bonus story by Kurt Busiek and Chris Bachalo and even that was cheesy as heck. As for the bonus story by Tradd Moore, I can only assume he ate lots of cheese before bed and then sleep-drew it during a particularly bizarre nightmare...

My next book: Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 14 1302920251


Well, this is a real water-treading book. Green Goblin comes back, but his main plot lives to fight another day. A bunch of Spider-folks come together as a new super-club, but they mainly stand around and wait for the proper moment. Sin-Eater continues to be a menace, but no resolution there either. The guy with the centipedes continues to lurk.

There is a bit of really great interaction between Norman and Peter, really outlining their relationship. But it's buried in two issues and a special worth of waiting for issue #50.

(Then there are some mediocre to bad short stories that are just barely worth reading. It's the typical padding we've been getting in these in-between books from Marvel, where they don't really have enough issues to fill out a TPB, but want to sell it anyway.) 1302920251 The Sin Eater is at the door of Ravencroft, and he has one target left in mind - Norman Osborn. To stop this threat, will Spider-Man turn to his oldest enemy in his time of need? (The title probably gives the answer to this one away, tbh).

Sins Rising's explosive conclusion is just great. I loved the previous volume, but this one was just as good if not better. Including issues 48, The Sins of Norman Osborn one-shot, and the oversized issue 49 (legacy 850), this one hits the ground running and doesn't stop till the final page where we find out that this is all just a prelude to even more madness to come. There are some genuinely unexpected twists, and Spencer uses all the extra real estate to maximise on the story.

The art's also a smorgasbord of talent - issue 48 is drawn by Spidey master Mark Bagley, joined by current ASM artist Ryan Ottley and ASM veteran Humberto Ramos on the oversized issue 49, while Sins Of Norman Osborn is pencilled by up and comer Federico Vicentini, who we'll be seeing a lot more of once Last Remains begins in the next volume. A visual treat for the eyes.

The Green Goblin Returns, and ASM is all the better for it. Spencer's ducks are all in a row as the dominoes start to fall and I keep mixing my metaphors, it's so good. 1302920251 I’m going to clarify that this gets 3 stars because Marvel decided to collect only two issues of the main series and a one shot here (one issue being oversized). This all could have fit into the last volume hell this is literally apart of the sins rising storyline. Honestly if this and the sins rising volume were all collected together easily would’ve been 4 maybe 5 five stars. Story wise I really liked the conclusion to the sins rising stuff, I think the sin eater and his cult is an interesting concept I also liked seeing the green goblin return and team up with Spider-Man. I also liked seeing the Spider-Family together I would kinda like to see them interact more. Although I’m slightly annoyed Jess is there because she has nothing to do with Spider-Man aside from close names, but if her being worked into the Spider-Family means I’ll get to see her more then that’s fine be me. 1302920251 The Sins rising story gets better as we see Sin eater amass a cult and giving them this mysterious powers and their next target: Green Goblin! We get an interlude chapter telling about Osborne's history and all and how sin eater is gonna go after him. Also we have the Order of the web form and they decide whether to stop Peter to save GG as its better to throw him to the wolf that is sin eater but they wait for Spidey to make his decision. And what an issue it is, Spidey and GG teaming up to take down Sin eater supposedly who has taken on the powers of the Juggernaut! And its such a fantastic read, the art is awesome, the moments are well earned and the ending shocking..a different choice Indeed! Next up: The Kindred finally! 1302920251 I'm following the Marvel Spider Man titles but not getting too excited about what I'm reading. The stories I can take or leave and the last story I really got into was probably Vol 4 of this series...Hunted..Kraven and his son..that was good.
Saying that, this was Ok...Norman Osborn .and seeing ASM working alongside GG briefly had novelty value..if nothing else.
I do want to be excited about this flagship important title but it ain't really happening for me. 1302920251