Build the New Instant Boats By Harold Payson

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In this book the boat designs by Bolger and the writing by Payson are excellent. Payson describes the building of several boats and discusses methods and materials clearly. I like the fact that Payson considers costs and suggests alternatives to such things as the higher Hardcover, Paperback The central subject of this book is the boat plans, and they are not readable in the Kindle version. did not scan the plans at a resolution that is adequate to read what is written on the plans which, in turn, makes it impossible to get anything from them or Hardcover, Paperback The sequel to Instant Boats (no longer in print but sporadically available), this book introduces the reader to stitch and glue boatbuilding step by step. In Harold Dynamite Payson's inimitable style, he takes the readers hand from a pile of plywood to a full scale Hardcover, Paperback

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I had already built three of the original instant boats a wanted to add to my Phil Bolger library. Otherwise I recommend the first book for starters. If you want to eyeball the dimensions yourself then this book will be fine. Otherwise they want to sell you the Hardcover, Paperback Lets be clear.As the title suggests, the book is invaluable for it's content. The author's surviving protogee (Dennis) is very helpful and hasn't one wit of problem spending a moment of time for your questions. I recommend you buy the plans for any boat in this book, Hardcover, Paperback Forty years ago I stupidly sold my last boat. I have missed it every day since. It was my sixth and best boat, a Chrysler Lonestar. Three of these six boats I built myself, one I shared the work with my father. Building a plywood boat is a bagatelle particularly using the Hardcover, Paperback This is a great older book on boat building and is still very useful. I have not yet started building a boat, but I will be within the next 2 years. I am interested in something larger than the boats in this book, but that's fine there is a tender style in this book Hardcover, Paperback In 1988, I built one of the boats featured in this book. The Windsprint. It was a fun project and it was just too cool to build a sailboat. I wasn't sure my kids were paying attention when their mom started building a 16 foot sailboat in our backyard. Fast forward 35 years Hardcover, Paperback