All the Birds of the World By Josep del Hoyo


La forma más fácil y amena de visualizar todas las aves del mundo. Por primera vez puedes contemplar todas las aves del mundo ilustradas en un único y práctico libro. Una obra que fascinará tanto a naturalistas principiantes como a ornitólogos expertos, además de a cualquier persona interesada en la espectacular diversidad de las aves. All the Birds of the World


This book can only be recommended to everyone who is interested in birds. It is the only book which covers all the bird species of the world with excellent illustrations. The integrated QR code with every bird adds to an optical and accustic pleasure which is of most importance in our digital world 978-8416728374 As described, helpful & amazingly heavy! Full of information. 978-8416728374 The is a combination of a physical handbook listing all the birds on the planet and the database a cornell university. Simply by scanning the QR code next to the bird specie with your smart device. A researcher has the whole collection of data available without wading through a multitude of open publications on your desk. everything needed at your figure tips 978-8416728374 I purchased this book upon release directly from the publisher. I’d love for copies to be made available for purchase on , so that I could quickly and easily gift it to my fellow birding friends.

This is a wonderful reference text for bird enthusiasts across all knowledge and skill levels. It’s a wonderful addition to any home library (it’s a massive book though, so definitely best to leave at home).

Each bird entry comes with a specific QR code that redirects you to information about that species within the Cornell Laboratory Website. The organization of the hundreds of genus’, families, and species is intuitive. 978-8416728374 A book all birds 🐦 of the world 978-8416728374

The final say as to what bird is that. 978-8416728374 We own about every bird guide there is (not kidding) and this one ranks as one of the best, and we are a bit fussy about illustration accuracy and quality. It is really fun to look through the bird families and see all the variations in one place. The layout is very well thought out, the size of the pages allows for decent size maps to be included without it feeling like the size of the species illustrations have been compromised. We also appreciate the inclusion of the four most widely used global bird lists (HBW and BirdLife, eBird/Clements, the IOC, and Howard and Moore), and the compact way a lot of information is presented about each species. We like the very subtle checklist boxes though we are undecided as to whether we will use them or not, it seems a shame to mark such a nice book. This is than a pretty coffee table book to look through once and set aside, it is an excellent reference book and will keep us entertained for quite a while. 978-8416728374 This was for my wife who is avid bird watcher but she cannot download the apps to hear bird calls 978-8416728374 They packed this so it would never get damaged in shipping. I was really impressed! I was a little skeptical because of the price, but I would be happy to pay it because it's the best bird book I've seen. It is big and heavy book so it's meant to stay on the coffee table so anyone could pick it up and go through it. And when that person looks through it they'll be putting in their order for it. 978-8416728374 I purchased this book on the recommendation of a birder in a group I follow, and oh boy, I wasn't disappointed. It's pricey, but well worth it, with information than you can shake a stick at (or throw peanuts and seed at!). It's huge and it's heavy, but who cares? It should be left out on a table anyway for instant reference. As someone mentioned, there's a QR code for every bird that links to further information; I don't have a smart phone and so cannot use that feature, but it's terrific for those who can. The book includes a large, beautiful laminated card showing how the birds are categorized, as well as giving country codes. It is an excellent bookmark as well as infographic.

When it arrived, the post office had smashed in the corners of the box and I was afraid they'd damaged my book, but lo and behold: the seller had double boxed it and added double walled filler, as well as stiff folded pieces, packing in such a way that a herd of elephants could have sat on it with no damage whatsoever. Bravo!

Tip: for those whose eyesight is a little iffy, like me, buy a really good magnifying glass to go along with this book. It will make using it a whole lot easier. 978-8416728374