All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) By Mila Young


This book takes off right where book 2 ended. I think this is my favorite book so far in the series.

We are set off almost on a wild goose chase and it shows the kind of person Aria is willing to be. Finally this book, the characters are all admitting to true feelings and not just the demon owns your soul thing. Aria's irritational thinking comes and goes but I hope the authors give us a way to redeem her actions.

The ending seemed to creep up on this one too fast and I was left wanting book 4 asap. I wasn't expecting Maverick! I wonder what will happen there....and Cain's dream! Ohhhh I hope those come true! That'd be awesome, but our little Aria still has a lot of growing to do before that point.

This book was steamy and really cranked everything up. I'm enjoying their relationships and all the different problems that seem to always arise.

*Overall 4/5
*Heat? 5/5
*Multiple first person POV
*Ends on cliff All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) This is the third book in this amazing series, and it picks up without missing a beat. Cain is hurt and Aria and the guys need to find something, anything that can help. I absolutely loved getting to know more about Dorian and seeing a different side of Elias while they were searching for something to help Cain.
Things are definitely heating up for Aria and her demons, but not necessarily in the way that they would like. I can't wait to see what happens next All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) So the ride doesn’t stop here! Carrying on from book two we once again find ourselves plunged into this exciting and entertaining world. There’s so much going on and it’s fast paced which keeps you hooked and not able to put down! There’s twists and turns, there’s action, adventure, magic, drama and some smoking hot scenes and chemistry. And just when you think it’s all done and dusted, surprise there’s more threats and what an ending! Looking forward to the next book! All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) This book picks up almost immediately where the previous one left off. Sending Aria chasing around the globe on a desperate flight to revive Cain. During the journey, she uncovers even more mysteries and leaves me with all kinds of desperately unanswered questions. But just as with the previous book, I’m almost okay holding onto all those questions. I know there’s still more story to come that will go deeper into Aria’s past, powers, and her growing connection to these demons.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Black Cat. All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) Wow

What a wild ride Aria and her men are on in this book. They thought taking down the dragon would be the worst of their problems but they were really wrong. Can't wait for the next book All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3)

characters All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3)

Playing devil's advocate with three demons? There's no way I am ever going to win.

Things were finally going right for us. We got the relics back. We defeated the dragon. I thought we’d won. But we’ve ended up losing so much more…

Cain’s severely wounded, and I don’t know how to save him. Losing him shouldn’t bother me, but it does. A lot.

Elias and Dorian have a plan: seek out help from people who wield the darkest and cruelest of magic. We soon find that the only one with enough power to bring the Prince of Hell back from death is a master of death itself. But nothing can be done for free and the price has us traveling across the world and facing a slew of new dangers, ones none of us are prepared for.

Even with everything shot to hell, the demons remain a constant temptation I don’t need. Being with them only seems to fan the flames, but letting me go depends on finding all of Hell’s relics.

And if I’m being honest, I’m not sure what I’ll do once my soul is freed. All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3)

All Shot to Hell is the third book in the Sin Demon series by co-authors Mila Young and C.R. Jane. This book was a wild ride both emotional and with all the action, I loved it. One thing I can say, nothing about this series is boring.

There is a little bit of a yin and yang going on here. On one hand, Cain is seriously injured on the other Aria and Dorian and Elias have gotten a lot closer, opening up about feelings and willing to take a chance. They are being pulled together and while they may have been resistant at first they seem to be losing that battle. They have these adorable playful moments and I can't help but see a connection. With Cain down, Aria has gained a lot of confidence and was helping out the guys a lot when they had no clues, Dorian took on more responsibility, and Elias was softening some of those hard emotions. 

This book was the greatest, so much happened, from a road trip to international flying, mysterious castles to hidden villages, necromancers, usual shifters and so much more. It was fun seeing Aria live out part of her dream of traveling and dragging the guys around having the time of her life. However the best part has to be Elias and Cassiel, the interactions between these two are hilarious although I am starting to wonder about Cassiel, I thought he was a normal lynx now I'm not so sure.

All Shot to Hell was a fun and exciting read filled with adventure, danger, sightseeing, quests and so much more. The story was kinda high-octane there was never a dull moment. Speaking of never dull, that ending was a really heart pounder. I can't believe the trouble Aria and the guys have come across now and with certain characters stepping up their game I wonder what's gonna happen next. All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) 2 stars for Aria being so stupid at the end. All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) WHAT IN THE TWO DICK HAVING, THREESOME HELL WAS THIS? AND WHY DID I LOVE IT!

This book starts right where book two ended and let's just say, my heart was in my throat the entire time. My heart sings for a race against time and this is what this book gave me.

The dynamic between Cain, Dorian and Elias is everything, it's heart warming yet at the same time hilarious. There is a brotherly bond there and it is so strong. You just want everything to be ok with them, despite them being demons. You love them.

Sometimes, fate had other plans for us, and we can fight it kicking and screaming, or we can put our big girl panties on and tackle it head on. Fate's a lot smarter than we give her credit for.

Have I mentioned this before? I FREAKING LOVE ARIA. I've said this in my other reviews but she is fierce, everything she does, she does because she wants to. She is no damsel in distress, she doesn't shy away from danger even when she should. She is strong despite everything she has been through, and is going through. She is riding along with these demons like she was born to do it.

I also want to mention the heat going on in this book. Now I'm on book three and so far I have seen some great sex! I mean the spice, the chemistry has been on point, so I was a little afraid that the same stuff would be repeated. BUT NO! The sex between these four just keeps getting better and better and honestly, I'm a little excited to see what the hell happens next.

You expect us to believe that? Elias snaps. it's a cat. They aren't intelligent.
Says the hell hound. I shrug.
Hey, the hound is only part of me. And there was a legion of hellhound demons under my command. What does he do? Lick his butt and sleep all day? Woo-freaking-hoo.

OMG Elias and this cat, is giving me life and now after how this book ended, I can't wait to get more content between the two. I need it! All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) All Shot to Hell doesn't miss a single step as it transitions from book two to book three and Aria is off around the world on the search for a way to save Cain. But things are never easy, and more obstacles stand in the way. There are more questions that need answering and one of a cliffhanger ending.

As in the previous books, there are some amazing written steamy scenes between Aria and her men, and even some Cheetos. I'm seriously addicted to this series and can't wait to see where the next book goes. All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3) All Shot to Hell is book three in by Harper A. Brooks and Mila Young’s Sin Demons series and I personally think that this is her best book in this series. The characters seem to really hit their stride and I love how much is going on in this book. All Shot to Hell picks up where book two left off with Cain being deathly injured and now Dorian, Elias and Aria must find a way to save him before he truly ceases to exist. If he dies then there is no returning to Hell…ever. I love how much goes in this book, because it sets a really good pace and keeps me engaged. Get ready for twists, surprises, steamy sex, lots of Cassiel and Cheetos. LOL!
Hell in a Handbasket ends with Cain taking a devastating blow from Sir Surchion in his dragon form, now book three, All Shot to Hell picks up there and the race is on. I like how Aria really assesses the situation and she matures in it. Throughout the first two books in this series I’ve had mixed feelings about Aria, but seeing her really decide to grow up essentially makes me like her and that just grows with this book. The demons have really grown on her and I like that it’s coming out more now. I like the overall balance of this book as we get some of each of the guys (minus Cain until later). Aria is more mature and she’s opening up more as well.
There are some really steamy scenes in this book and I loved every second of it. I also love how much of Cassiel we get as well. He really brings a nice dose of comedy to the story, but so do Dorian and Elias in particular scenes. I have to say that I practically snorted when Aria and her demons almost turn into a “courier service” for other supes. Striking one deal to help Cain? Okay. Another deal to gain access to a castle? Okay. But it soon enough becomes more when the truth comes out. Now! Does Aria manage to go the entire book without annoying/irritating me? Sadly, no. I guess she’s never heard of “it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.” She was probably too focused on “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Now…she’s gotten herself and her men into some serious trouble.
I truly enjoyed this book and I feel that it’s the best written one in the series so I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. Things end on yet another intense cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read what happens next. If you have read this series thus far and have enjoyed or even just liked it enough to continue then I encourage you to pick up this book and continue. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy what the author has in store.
All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons #3)