Aliens Mercy (Outlaw Planet Mates, #1) By Leslie Chase

I enjoyed this story okay, though I will admit that it is my least favorite story that I have read by this author so far. It was still enjoyable, but I wasn’t having the blast reading it that I usually do with this author’s new releases. There was plenty of action, danger, and clever internal monologue. The heroine was strong and snarky, and the hero was deliciously alpha and all “MINE!” when he saw the heroine, which I love. I liked the twist the author used of humans being incredibly valuable because of genetic malleability. I love me the Mars Needs Women trope! I still recommend this story because it was fun and entertaining, though the full length novels that I have read by this author were much better. Perhaps due to the short length?

I received a free copy of this book, and am voluntarily leaving a review. Leslie Chase Was everyone in this place backstabbing everyone else?

When it comes to living on this Alien world Mercy has crashed on, Vardok has one serious advantage, not only does he know where he is, he knows how this mish mash of other aliens came to live here as well, and this is definitely a case where knowledge is power.

This done in one Kindle Unlimited quick read establishes an interesting world that feels like it is in a state of chaos, or perhaps perpetual flux, resulting from the hasty withdrawal of those who were in power and were meant to provide stability and order. Both Vardok and Mercy find themselves discovering who they are, and what decisions they will make when they feel truly free of outside pressures, and independent. Leslie Chase I really enjoyed this story. It was interesting and caught my attention right from the beginning. Great world building. I really liked the characters.

Mercy was abducted by aliens at a bachelorette party and shoved into a stasis pod. When she woke up, she found that her pod was wedged between a cliff wall and a tree, with nothing but a long drop and the sea and rocks below. When she calls for help, she is found by slavers who know they can make a lot of money off of her. They send Vardok down to retrieve her. Though not in chains like the others, he is also a slave. The moment he touches Mercy, the connection between them is electric, and her vows to protect her as long as he can while they are trapped on the prison planet.

Great story! 5 stars. Leslie Chase Outlaw Planet Mates

This series is super interesting. Mainly because it’s not all written by the same author. Took me a minute to figure that out, lol. By the 3rd book, I was super confused as to why the author changed their writing style so abruptly. Once I realized there were several contributing writers, it made more sense. Duh.

Some of these books are fantastic. Some are downright terrible. Some are included with kindle unlimited, some aren’t.

The baseline for each book is that several women were abducted from Earth by little green aliens. The little green human trafficker shits implanted the females with a translator on their way to an assumed auction house of sorts. During their transit, something went wrong. So all the humans were placed in escape pods and sent to land on the outlaw planet. This planet happens to be an old prisoner planet where the prisoners overtook their captors and the planet, so now it’s just a no-man’s land for escaped fugitives and wanted criminals. And so each human female’s story truly begins.

This particular book in the series was okay. I wasn’t very attached to the plot, but to each their own. I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t “love” it either.

Mercy was the human female that crash-landed in her escape pod; on a tree that was hanging off a cliff. Had Vardok not heard her calling for help, she probably would’ve fallen to her death. Unfortunately, Vardok was a slave, forced to work for his masters by moving other slaves towards the mines to work. So when Vardok’s masters see the female human, aka “universal breeder,” they decide to collect on her reward. The rest of the story is about Vardok fighting to free and save her as their love story unfolds.

I was very happy to be along on this ride. Well written. Leslie Chase Quick, fun enjoyable read!💖

This is the first book in a series about human women abducted from Earth and crashing on a prison planet. Mercy was at a bachelorette party when she was taken. She wakes up in a stasis pod on the verge of falling off a cliff into Rocky shores. He cry for help her s answered by scary looking beings she feel see she not on earth any more .Vardok an enhance warrior enslaved to a gang on this help hold prison planet rescues Mercy from falling too her death the minute he touched her he knows not and hope for the first time. He goes to do whatever he can to save her. As Mercy gets to know Vardok the more she trusts him and the more she's fine him down right appealing. Their love is swift and their passions fierce. Together they'll escape his hell and given a new future for themselves. So much fun for a short story I can't wait to read more in the series. 💖🔥💖🔥🔥🔥💖💖🔥🔥💖💖🔥💖🔥💖💖💖🔥🔥 Leslie Chase


Review Aliens Mercy (Outlaw Planet Mates, #1)

First, I was abducted by little green men, then abandoned on a prison planet, and finally captured by a band of alien slavers... and the day isn't even over! FML.

One of my alien captors is different, though. He's a man, yes, but he isn't green, and he's anything but little. Huge comes to mind. Breathtakingly big.

I shouldn't trust him.

I shouldn't lust for him.

And if he delivers on his promise to send me back to Earth, I don't know if I can bear losing him.

Alien's Mercy is a stand alone book in the Outlaw Planet Mates series. The books can be read in any order. No cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA. Aliens Mercy (Outlaw Planet Mates, #1)

Hmm, bit far fetched but only a short read if you’re looking for something different. Leslie Chase Alien’s Mercy had you on the edge of your seat with drama, action, abduction, villains, blood and guts, protection and Love and there desire for each other at the worse possible times. Mercedes Lang is abducted from earth after a bachelorette party by green aliens and is forced into what looks like a coffin and wakes up crash landed wedged into the side of a cliff calling for help comes in the form a hot attractive alien named Vardok and when they touch he goes into protecting mode for him mate. Vardok is a Roccarian enhanced warrior who is stuck on Reazus Prime island and is a slave to Akkark brothers Gor and Kall who use him against the other slaves but now there is hope in the form of his mate but they must escape before she is sold off. How does it all turn out and can Vardok and Mercy have a future together.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Leslie Chase Not much to this book.
Instalove, insta love also heals all, plot easily tied in very short bow. We are talking 1 24h period and they have met, fallen in love, had more than one passionate bout of well, passion, and she's decided to stay with him forever there, nary a thought for anyone on earth.

Mostly p*rn plot for the smut.
If that's your thing, it's fun, I just needed a tiny bit more fleshing out of the story. Leslie Chase 3.75 stars!

Fast-paced fated mates, alien romance that takes place on a prison planet. I would have loved more emphasis on the fated mates aspect, but this ended up being a sweet story ♡ Leslie Chase 3.5 stars.
This was short, insta-love, dangerous, and sweet.
It was really fast paced.
It starts right after Mercy crashes on the prison planet, and Vardok and the slavers he’s bound to find her dangling from a cliff.
And instantly, Vardok is entranced, and Mercy is curious and inexplicably attracted to the alien.

It was steamy, and had all the fun things that come with an alien romance, like alien…attributes.
It was dangerous and still somehow upbeat.
I had a good time reading it.
I wish there was more dirty talk, and more time spent with them when they’re relatively safe, but I still really enjoyed it. Leslie Chase