Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex By Stix Hiscock

review Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex

I saw that this was free on my Amazon Kindle and was like ... why not?
If your into three boobed green strippers who tend to put on laser shows upon climax this is the story for you. *spoiler alert* the t-rex had a beard. Kindle Edition Well, it was nominated for the Hugos, so I read it--or more specifically I had my partner read it aloud to me, because I was not going to suffer through this all on my own. I did not expect it to be good, but I was hoping it would be at least titillating or amusing. Reader, it was not. It managed to be both tasteless and excruciatingly dull.

Dear authors: if you're gonna call your story X boned by Y, I expect the boning to start before the 70% mark. I'm just saying. Truth in advertising, it's a thing. Kindle Edition Yes. So I read this.

*disclaimer* It was one of the very few entries that Day got in this year for short story nominations for the Hugo. I wouldn't have read it on my own, even if it might have been slightly funny. It's just something to heckle.

That being said, I read it and aside from the blah blah blah sex sex sex, there were a few slightly redeeming virtues... like the way that the T-Rex sucks on the stripper (as in her whole body) as if she were a lollipop. Or the lasers coming out of her tits.

Other than that? Thoroughly meh.

It was meant as a contemptuous nomination in the Hugos because the Sad Puppies have been getting so much hate... they just want to see the world burn, I guess. I just feel sorry for the author who got mixed up in someone else's anger-nomination scheme.

Fortunately, this is an outlier for the Hugos this year! Yay! Kindle Edition This was on my reading list due to it being nominated for a Hugo award.
I would have only given it a single star, but the segment of dialogue below earned a second.

“What happened to her?” I asked, walking on eggshells here, knowing it was likely a sensitive subject for him, yet I nonetheless felt as though I needed desperately to know.
“A, um... A meteor got her... And my family... And friends... My neighbors... My church group... My dentist... My weed dealer... Pretty much everyone I knew, actually...”
“Oh... God...” I said, feeling as though I'd just touched on a very bad subject that I shouldn't have.
“Yeah... It was a pretty shitty week,” said Tyrone, shrugging, and we continued in silence for a while.

Beyond that, it was pretty terrible, including the fact that the title is a complete spoiler. Kindle Edition What can I say? It was nominated for a Hugo, so I read it. Stix is actually the pen name of a woman. This book wasn't intended to be a parody. It was intended as a Sad Puppy slate nomination. Clearly Vox Day missed that little bit about Stix being a girl and not a Chuck Tingle knockoff. Anyway, the book is bad, Stix is nice (see interview) and I'm not further going to hurt her feelings by giving her work one star after the Puppies have used her badly and stupidly. Kindle Edition

Who does not want to read a funny and sexy tale about an alien stripper and a dinosaur? Heat up your day with this incredibly entertaining panty melting romance!


I wonder sometimes just how I got to be where I am. Sliding my nearly naked body around a pole for the enjoyment of so many men, getting sweaty as they cheer for me, and occasionally earning a few extra bucks in tips by shooting lasers from my breasts. The answer, obviously, is that my spaceship crashed here, and that I need to earn money to get it fixed and find my way back home.

Out of the blue though, I notice the beady eyes of a man in the back of the club, peering up at me intently. I'm instantly transfixed by his giant t-rex head and his hot, humanoid body, and I decide once I'm dressed again to go over and talk to him. It turns out, the two of us have a lot more in common than I would have thought, and a potential romantic connection is quickly overpowering me.

I'm left with the tough choice of letting this prehistoric piece of reptilian ass bend me over and have his way with me, or remaining faithful to the tentacle monster I left behind far away on my home planet.

This ebook is intended for adults only! Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex


The porn's not really my thing (it's like... softcore vore), and this could use a spellcheck, but honestly? This was fucking hilarious and I'm glad I read it. Kindle Edition 1.5 stars.
My excuse is that it was in the Hugo packet, and I had to give it a try.
The writer attempts to subvert the alien has sex with a dinosaur erotic fiction niche market with a wry and occasionally witty narrative. It is supposed to be a theatre of the absurd, and yes, our author manages to be sufficiently absurd. The erotica is dull and repetitive, and the characters live hapilly ever after. The SF or fantasy elements are just window dressing. The story was nominated for the 2017 hugo awards by a ballot stuffing excercise, but is not deserving of that nomination. Kindle Edition This short story was put on the 2017 Hugo award finalist by a group of reactionary fans as a form of protest, using a form of vote slating. Given that I am one of the fan jurors, I decided to go ahead and read it before casting my vote.
I assume this is intended to be an humor piece, mixing cheap erotica elements, and sci-fi tropes (I doubt anyone could find the sexual intercourse of a T-Rex and a green alien titillating). Read as such, it did manage to make me smile here and there. I was expecting something far worse based on the cover, and on the title. I am not sure what point the protesters were trying to make, and I am sorry that worthy contenders were pushed out from the finalist list by this, but at least it is a funny story to read. Kindle Edition The protagonist is an alien stripper with three breasts that shoot lasers. One night while working, she meets a T-Rex. Sexual shenanigans ensue.

The premise is purposefully silly and the writing is over-the-top bizarre erotica. If not taken too seriously, it is a rather entertaining story.

(The companion story Half-Man, Half Horse, All Love is nowhere near as good.) Kindle Edition Hugo 2017 Novelette

Weird SFnal erotica with some sense of whimsy. An unexpectedly large amount of backstory, very little plot, and very graphic descriptions. The weirdest thing is not the tipple breasted Alien Stripper, nor the seminal fluid factory of an anthropomorphised T-Rex, but the vore they get up to together.

Not my cup of tea.

( Read here for some of the background to why this on the ballot ) Kindle Edition