Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) By Vi Voxley

3.5 stars.
It was clever - good characters, good world building and storyline. It just felt a bit long. The heroine was strong and smart. The hero was very... heroic 😂. Overall a good read, but I wouldn’t read it again I don’t think. Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) Fight against a legend

This was intense. There's a fight against a legend, love, death, fear, and revenge. It's a great story and kept me involved. Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) This was a wonderful addition to the series! Captain Lana Carmac is on a mission to find an ancient rogue ship under the feared Admiral Worgen, a man of ancient legend who had been presumed dead for many years. Apparently he is rumored to be back and attacking Terran ships. His goal is to find his gesha, a bonded mate that gives a Brion male power and focus. He then plans to attack his home planet and take over, the ultimate goal of returning his violent race back to their original vicious natures. Although still fierce and unbeatable in battle, they have come a long way since Worgen’s time, but he wants things like they used to be.

General Corden is also on scene secretly. He had a special mission from the Elders to terminate renegade Generals who would destroy the progress the Brions have made with other cultures. He joins Lana as they try to take down Worgen who seems all-powerful and his ship indestructible. They also discover that Lana is Corden’s gesha – but being human, she wants free choice and won’t accept him. With the danger and attempts to deal with Worgen’s violence, the plot twists and turns and races ahead! Their courage is amazing, especially in comparison to the rest of the captured fleet who are obviously not warrior types. Will so few be able to overcome this formidable, never defeated enemy?

I highly recommend this wonderful book! The storyline is awesome, the main and supporting characters are very likeable, and the action doesn’t stop! This is definitely a must-read on my list!
Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) Wow.. It looks like I delved right into the last book without reading the first five. And I have to say, I was impressed when reading the book, I thought it was perhaps the third book in the series. But to know it's the sixth book of the series and I did not once feel that I was lost in this alien world doubly impresses me! Now I have to go back and start from the first book =]]

What I liked about this story was the storyline was engaging and the military strategies sound. I am often put off my stories where the author does a vague run around of the fight scene and then declare the hero the winner. While I know these are ultimately romance genre, it doesn't hurt to have realistic strategies that would help the story flow rather than to jar the reader into a huh..what?? in the middle of the story.

Anyways, I digress. I love that Lana is a strong woman and that she's a captain of her own fighter ship. I also love that her character stays consistent throughout the book. She doesn't cower from the evil dark General although she is scared out of her wits of him. But then I also love that she's able to lean on Corden for strength without portraying a damsel in distress. If anything, she runs headlong into danger to be a good captain to her crew. Also, she's not cocky or bitchy. She's respectfully stoic and firm, even towards Corden when she didn't like him staking his claim. I absolutely love that about her!

As for Corden, I love that he's quick to grin even when situations are dire. He's not the stoic, serious, socially inept, badass General. But rather, he seems reasonable even when he's testing a recent defector's loyalties. All in all, I love the characters in the story. No bitchiness, no rude, foul mouthed, vile people, no slutty temptress. Just a very skilled author, weaving an awesome story! Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Captain Lana Cormac and General Corden. Lana is the captain of the Raptor which is more of a fact finding ship it also does extractions but has no real fire power on it. So when Lana is sent a report talking about the old legend for the Brion from the Galactic Union she had no idea how important this story would be to her own life. In this story there are tow men fighting for one woman one is fighting for the woman one is fighting for power. So when Lana meets two Brion generals she knows that this is going to mean more then she ever thought it would in her life. The sight of Worgen scares even her but to possibly save her ship and all of the people around her she knows she has to work fast to ensure the monster is focused sole on her. The question is can she survive this fight or will not only she die but all those she has sworn to protect?

Corden is jealous of the other generals and all of the amazing battles that they have gone into. It is part of wanting to be best fighter in galaxy or as they say it is the Brion way. However there is more to Corden then even most Brion know about. Corden is given a special mission senctioned by the Brion Elders that almost no one knows about. So when Corden hears that General Worgen is alive he knows that it is time for him to step up and step in. Corden's problem is that he is a person who observes and learns about other and finds the best way to defeat them, but Worgen is and older general who almost all thought was dead. So to learn about this general he has to find the old tellings' about him, and they are missing a lot of the information that he needs. So when Corden gets his first look at Worgen is also when he get his first look at Lana his gesha. Now it not only becomes a matter of stopping the monster but also protecting his gesha with his last breath. The thing is the more this goes on the more Corden wonders does he need to protect his gesha from himself or the monster?

This is an amazing story that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. You will find yourself getting upset with any distractions that come while trying to read this. It is an amazing story that will have you wanting a man that will fight and claim you for himself like these Brion men do. I think that the strength that you find in this female character will have you doing the victory dance. Lana is no shrinking violet where at times there would be many who would do that and be totally justified while doing it. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This is one of those must read books. I would also recommend the rest of the books in this series though each can be read as a stand alone. Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6)

Only one general can stand between an ancient nightmare and the safety of his people...

This is a 100 k full scifi romance novel featuring a BBW human heroine and a growly alpha male Brion warrior general. It can and should be read as a standalone and has a guaranteed HEA ending! Grab it now for 99 Cents for a limited time!

Lana Cormac is a woman with a mission. As the captain of a scouting vessel for the Galactic Union, the curvy woman has always put her crew first and herself second. But when two men more myth than reality bursts into her life, she needs to step back and wonder whether she's been doing things the wrong way all along. Stuck between two Brion generals, both convinced that she can be his and only his, Lana needs to walk a tightrope between keeping a fleet of innocent people alive while subsequently coming to grips with what fate has in store for her.

Could it truly be a Brion general and if so, couldn't he have picked a less horrible time to show up!?

Corden is a Brion general unlike any other. He is the guardian, the keeper of order for all of the generals, though there are few who know this. Defeat is not a word he recognizes, yet when something out of the darkness of Brion culture comes back to haunt him, even Corden needs to consider the option. But what he isn't prepared for is that his greatest enemy might come from within, even when the worst nightmare he could imagine is staring him in the eye.

With Lana's heart and safety on the line, Corden has no option but to win. Even the psychotic fervor of a general long thought dead and gone cannot stand in his way, especially when the man wants to claim Corden's chosen!

Will Lana learn to consider the needs of her own heart and will Corden save not only her and the universe, but himself as well? Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6)

Alien General‘s Beloved by Vi Voxley is the next book in her Alien Generals series. This book’s main characters are Lana and Corden. Lana is the human captain of her own ship. Corden is a General for the Briolina fleet. They meet when Lana’s ship is captured by the demented Brion General Worgen, who all though had died years ago. As part of Worgen’s strategy, he wants to bring Briolina back to what he considers their glory days, where they took what they wanted and there was no diplomacy. He has heard of the Brion generals recently finding their human life mates and credits their success to this mating. He begins capturing ships for that purpose and kills all males leaving the females alive.
Corden has been given a directive from the elders to handle the situation and he boards Lana’s ship. Keeping with the Brion tradition Corden realizes Lana is his gesha (life mate) and will protect her at all cost. Brion generals are the best of the best warriors and are lethal in all types of warfare. He must not only handle Worgen but ensure Lana is safe.
This is another great read by Vi. I love the way Vi‘s females have strong characters and have minds of their own. This allows for interesting activity as the relationships develops along with the danger.
Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) Loved the plots on all of these. Great battles, bloodshed, story telling, etc. The sex scenes were all annoying. Please f--- me. Just do it. I need you to f me now. I mean all the brides sound exactly alike on every sex scene. Desperately begging for it. They were pathetic on the sex parts. Oh, and every single hero used his fingers to make scissoring motions inside the heroine in order to prepare her for his big cock. Whatever. I don't care how prepared you are, a tree trunk sized dong is gonna hurt. Trust my knowledge here. I'm right about this.

Still it's been a long time since I liked a series enough to read seven freaking books. I think I like this author. Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) Title:  Alien General’s Beloved 
Series: Brion Brides
Destination: Book 6, 372 Pages  StandAlone
Author: Vi Voxley
Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
Genre:  #SciFi  #Aliens  #HEA
My Score:
         Book 50 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
     Series 100 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Sad I can only give 5 Stars.......sigh........

This is another win for Ms. Voxley such a gifted author. As I read page by page the fluency of Vi, has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next accomplishment of our hero and heroine. You will not go wrong buying this book, this series it definitely a MUST READ.
Lana Cormac, is Captain of the Raptor, whose cares about the life of her crew on the ship. They received a message telling them of a story told to many, yet everyone thought it was a myth. A God, Radgen wanted revenge his rage burns dark in the hearts of Brions,  blind to everything else but victory and power. Then Radgen, General Worgen and his ship the Abysmal disappeared. He had to be dead by now, no one lives that long. Rumor had it he was alive looking for his gesha (Fated Mates).
General Corden was not like by many but than they didn't really know that the General
had a secret mission. Because of that secret mission he had to leave his ship the Claw. Silently he boarded the Raptor he hides only to run into his gesha, he thinks. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.
  Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) This is the 6th book in this series and I think I like this one the best so far, one of my favorite things about the book that you aren't waiting and waiting and waiting see if they get together. The drama is created by good writing and a creative plot. One thing I did not like is that there are a few very long (to me) passages going on about the Brion history and it just became very tedious to me. However, of all the male characters in the series so far I felt that General Corden was the most well rounded. He is realistic of his short comings as well as his strengths and although it is clear he is an alpha male, the author has made him so much more. As always, the sex is SPICY HOT!! Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6) This is my favorite story in the series so far. It has a fabulous storyline that really keeps you guessing and strong characters that make an impression from the very beginning. Lana and Corden are facing an enemy no one expected. There is no reasoning with him. He is intent on destroying anyone in his way,

Corden is a Brion General and he is very confident. He loves a challenge. When he meets Lana during the battle and realizes she is his chosen, he faces his greatest risk. He can't lose her. I really liked him from the beginning. He is very brash but also very loyal and loving to Lana. He has a very violent side but he knows how to use it to get things done. Lana is a captain and want to protect those under her command. She puts herself in a very dangerous position in order to try to save lives. I admired her strength. She struggles with the situation and her intense feelings for Corden but doesn't take long to realize that the feelings she has are very real and not a weakness.

It is a great read and I highly recommend it. You will want to read it from beginning to end and not wait to find out what happens.

I received a copy in return for a honest review. Alien Generals Beloved (Brion Brides, #6)


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