Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches By Steven J. Simmons

Choose your actions and words wisely, because whatever you say and do will always come back on you.

This is such an important lesson for littles and adults alike. I find myself daily, stopping and thinking of the consequences of my choices. Everyone could benefit from this practice.

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and whimsical. The story is well developed and very intriguing.

I can’t wait to be able to read this with my boy when he can comprehend the importance of this story!

Thanks for the sweet book Steven J. Simmons and Cyd Moore! ✨💗 9780881069761 My favourite book from when I was a kid :) 9780881069761 I really liked this book and I can definitely see its appeal to children. As far as genre, it is definitely a fantasy book. I would recommend this book for children grades 1 and 2 (MAYBE 3). One unique feature of this text is its colorful illustrations. They really pull the reader in. The story itself is also really great. 9780881069761 Alice is a cute bubbly fun witch. She dances in flowers and has a happy kitty and a happy bat and everything around her is just so super happy!

Greta is a misunderstood witch who likes to pull practical jokes and turn prince frogs into evil toads and rain marshmallow fluff down on sticky children to make them stand still.

I honestly don't see why everone is so mad at Greta. I mean... didn't anyone get the memo? All Gretas are fabulous!!

But, the writer of this book has a different view. He created a Greta who is the villain. And while a villainous Greta can be a fabulous Greta, I guess the children this book is read to will root for Alice.



Greta's (the bad witch) Thoughts

This book was super cute! A nice picture book that would be perfect when learning the Golden Rule,

or Read around Halloween,

or even at a girl's slumber party.

I can just imagine a little girl falling in love with this!

While Greta and Alice is boy friendly, it does revolve around two girls. So, I think girls would like it more.

The illustrations are very colorful and have a lot going on. I enjoyed looking at everything in each picture. Super cute and kawaii!!

I wish this was out when I was a kid. I would have squeed at it every time it was read to me!!
9780881069761 I thought this was a fun little book. I quite enjoyed the artwork as well as the message about karma. I did wonder about the appearances of the two witches. They were meant to be the same age, but the 'good' witch looked quite young while the 'bad' witch looked old. It seems to me that this just reinforces the demonization of the aged that is so often seen in fairytales. My six year old loved it though. 9780881069761


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Alice is a good witch. And Greta... well, Greta and trouble are never far apart. Alice spends her time helping others by weaving her enchanting spells. All Greta does is wreak havoc. But when a forgotten spell comes back to haunt her, Greta's stuck learning something she should have learned long ago. Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches

Well hmm. A little too earnest for my taste, but the humor made the lesson palatable. The art is fun. But, honestly, who can blame poor Greta for being sour when she's cursed with such ugliness? If only the two had been equally ordinary-looking, with their disposition showing through in their carriage and grooming.... 9780881069761 This is a GREAT book for little Pagans. 9780881069761 I interpreted this story to have to morals:
1) you can choose to see the good or bad in life (though this wasn't explored as much as the following moral)
2) You get back what you put into the universe: Whatever you chant, Whatever you brew, Sooner or later Comes back to you!

The story is about two witches who both learn the same magic but for entirely different purposes. After graduating from witch school, the two witches go about witch-ly life, both using similar spells but for vastly different results. In the end, of course, our nasty witch gets her just desserts and must educate herself all over again on the most important magical lessons.

The word selections in the book are very delightful and clever, and the selection of spells that Simmons used were cute and fun to say (I found it amusing to try and figure out how the same spell would produce different results - I'm sure kids would have fun trying to figure this out, too!)

The illustrations were wonderful and I thought they complemented the text perfectly!

I took off one star because I felt a few times the clever language was a tad forced, and because I would have liked a more developed ending. Otherwise, a gem of a little book! 9780881069761 This is a great story! What I love is that Alice and Greta are given the same knowledge base at their little witches' school, yet they use the same spells in different ways, Alice uses them for the good and Greta uses them for the bad. I think this is such an important concept to share with kids, how we all have the power within us to be helpful or harmful. The story manages not to be overtly didactic, though. Rather, it's a humorous and delightful read and the accompanying illustrations are marvelous. Will Greta ever come to appreciate the Brwemerang Principle that she failed to take to heart in school? Whatever you chant,/Whatever you brew,/Sooner or later/Comes back to you!

9780881069761 Trained at the same magical academy - Miss Mildred Mildew's School of Magic - Alice and Greta knew the same spells and curses, the same chants and brews. But although they possessed the same knowledge, they understood it differently. Never were two witches more dissimilar: Alice liked to help, and Greta to harm. But Greta's ignorance of the Brewmerang Principle - Whatever you chant, Whatever you brew, Sooner or later Comes back to you! - led to a very sticky defeat, in the end...

I'm so glad that my friend Kathryn reminded me of Alice and Greta, which I first encountered a few years ago, while working in the children's section of a large bookstore. An adorably witchy picture-book, ideal for the Halloween season, it is an engaging holiday teaching-tale, exploring the idea that magic (like knowledge) can lead to either good or bad, depending upon the intentions of the person using it. 9780881069761