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This novel, like all of Alvarez 's work, has opened small windows in individual lives that allow you to see the sun making connections of warmth. Afterlife The characters stand out as I put down this book; the story is barely defined except as a series of incidents. It is just like many of our lives, caught up in complicated relationships, struggling with painful personal circumstances, or engaging in humanitarian activities. Afterlife I found this book inspiring despite the personal losses. Alvarez is a talented storyteller with an amazing ability to make the words stay with you. Afterlife

Afterlife by Julia Alvarez I appreciate having current writers of fiction, such as Elizabeth Strout, who don’t neglect those of us who reach the status referred to as “senior citizens,” a bit of a euphemism for just plain “old age.” What a treat when Ms. Strout did a Afterlife I read this book as part of a book club. I hadn’t heard of the Author but felt connected with her experiences as a Latina and as someone pulled into helping those who are dealing with being an illegal alien in our country. I work with many Latinas and in So Cal you can’t Afterlife Antonia is still mourning the death of her beloved husband, Sam, after almost a year and finds herself at loose ends, until suddenly she has too much on her plate. Her oldest sister, Izzy, has vanished en route to Antonia’s 66th birthday party, and the girlfriend of her Afterlife In her newest novel, Afterlife, Julia Alvarez delves into an exploration of grief and familial obligation in this melancholy novel about immigrant and recent widow, Antonia Vega. While the various aspects of the story were compelling, the characters themselves were never Afterlife The novel becomes very compelling when Antonia comes out of her personal grieving enough to debate whether she honors her dead husband in writing about him, or in actually enacting of the generosity she admired in him. She must debate opposing pulls: to help her Afterlife