Accidentally Royal By R.S. Lively

Accidentally Royal is a stand alone novel by R.S. Lively. It’s another royal romance and at this point I’m not sure I even know how to enjoy them anymore, but this was a unexpected and sweet surprise even though I didn’t really like half the book.

First things first, the synopsis is kind of misleading as the pregnancy is actually just a minor detail of the plot and in general sets the wrong tone for the book, as does the cover unfortunately.

The first half of the book is delightful. It sort of plays out like a gender swapped Roman Holiday and I really enjoyed it. Piper was wonderfully sweet, strong, and with strong moral fibre that made me love her, until the turning point in the book where she becomes a complete idiot, kind of an asshole, and annoying.

Christian is a Prince, he is charming, sexy, and witty but he knows his relationship with Piper has an expiry date. Honestly though, I’m not sure how he managed to forgive Piper for what she did, I couldn’t. Her actions really damaged this book for me.

That’s the big problem with the book. It’s like you’re reading two different stories. The first half is hot, steamy, and funny. The genuine chemistry between Piper and Christian make you want to cheer for them and I adored them from their first meeting. Once Christian leaves all bets are off and the book becomes sort of maudlin. There was no reason for anything to happy, no reason for them to get back together, and no reason to cheer for them anymore.

I wanted to like it, I really, really did. The scene at the motel especially made the book but there wasn’t enough “wow” and too much “can this be over” for it to really be worth it.

Accidentally Royal I feel like I read this book before.... just by a different author with a different title. This isn't the best book ever. It is exactly what the synopsis describes. If that's your thing, this will be silly fun for you.

A few things were irksome to me.

1.) There was an uncomfortable amount of blowjobs. BJs don't typically read romantic to me. This isn't an erotica story and Christian isn't a dominant male but I think the author tried to show the reader that he was highhanded. I'm not a prudish reader but it came off uncomfortably graphic. And there were sooo many.

2.) The mystery of why Piper's mom disappeared and why Piper felt a subconscious need to do her penance remains a mystery. Unless it was addressed while Piper was going down on Christian, because I started to gloss over those parts.

3.) Why the heck didn't Christian just return to the US when he was pining for Piper and hoping she would call? He was hung up on her months afterwards and claimed to love her (after only 2 weeks of knowing her), so just show up and at least get the closure they missed out on. And pretty sure he could have gotten her contact info since he knew her address... and he's a prince with people at his disposal.

4.) So.... it's easy to just skip out of a castle under the eyes of servants, aides, a king, queen and prince and go to the airport with an heir to the throne? Come on.

But its a normal girl becoming a princess! And she makes the guy chase her! Granted she had him chase her AFTER giving it up and having a baby and getting married. But still. It is what it is - silly fun. Accidentally Royal Piper was on her way home from a work trip when she literally runs into Christian. Christian is taking some time off from his obligations in his royal family when he runs into Piper. Piper gets a surprise upgrade on her last flight home and is stunned when she sees its the man she crashed into. Sparks fly between them as Christian distracts her from the bumpy flight. After landing Piper gets her rental car because she booked in advance whereas Christian didn't plan for anything. When she offers to help him find a hotel neither really expects it would go any further but the more time they spend together the closer they get. Not wanting to leave Piper yet Christian agrees to let her be his tour guide of her hometown and they have some amazing adventures together. But what will they do when reality intrudes and Christians gets pulled away suddenly? Can Christian have a real thing with Piper?

This was an amazing story once I started I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between Christian and Piper was off the charts hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this to any book lover.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. I enjoyed it so much I bought my own copy. Accidentally Royal Ho storto e non poco il naso durante la lettura perché la storia poteva essere narrata molto meglio, con molti meno cliché e diciamo una miriade di incongruenze.

Piper e Christian si conoscono su un volo. Dopo l'arrivo a destinazione decidono di spassarsela senza problemi per due settimane. Scatta la scintilla e l'amore. Ma un problema lo riporta a casa usa prima del previsto.
Lei resta incinta e da quel momento nascono problemi su problemi perché lui è un principe e deve diventare Re.

Allora la narrazione non è male ma ci si concentra sempre su di lei e lui poretto si piglia anche le sgridate da parte di tutti!
Principi e principesse di solito mi fanno amare il libro, invece qui nulla. Non mi ha entusiasmato proprio. Si legge verso la fine qualcosino a palazzo, ma la storia gira tutta attorno al sesso (che non è che sia tutto sta gran roba...) e a lei che pensa solo alla figlia. Come se Christian non esistesse.
Avrei voluto leggere qualcosa dal passato di lei e di lui tanto per inquadrare meglio la situazione in cui i due si buttano, ma nada.

Delusione totale per questo romanzo.
Accidentally Royal When Piper tries to rush to get a connecting flight, she runs into a cart left in the aisle and her carry on spills everywhere. Christian stops to help her, and then gets her upgraded to first class to the seat next to him. Piper is on her way home from humanitarian work and Christian is on vacation, heading to California. When a storm comes in during their flight, Christian's connection is cancelled and Piper feels bad leaving him stranded at the airport. She offers him a drive in hopes of him finding a hotel room somewhere. When they can only find a room at the No-Tell Motel, They give into their attraction. The next morning, Christian decides to stay with Piper for his vacation instead of going to California. They spend the next few weeks touring around and having a fling. When Christian is called home, he leaves before he can explain who he is and that he wants to see Piper again. I really enjoyed this story. I thought they really did fall in love and belonged together. They had such a great connection and had so much fun during their two weeks together. This is the first book I have read by RS, but I can't wait to read more. Accidentally Royal

Six-foot-four and dangerously handsome.
Christian Hesse. Every woman’s fantasy.
And he turned my world upside down… Accidentally Royal

Another one where female mc uses her child as weapon. Annoying fmc Accidentally Royal Why, in every single book of this genre, does the heroine think the baby is her sole property- and she can just cut the father out? Accidentally Royal Didn't finish. Well the first 40% was basically hot sex...with a sentence here and there in regards to the story.
It started off pretty good; had good intentions of a great story but over the top sex with lack of story line is no good for me. Gotta have a story line! and the story line must be more than chapters of sex or talk of sex. Accidentally Royal Accidentally Royal 2 too predictable Stars

I’m all for a fun easy predictable romance but this was so predictable that the drama wasn’t even fun.

There were a couple of grammatical errors that blew whole sentences for me. The steamy scenes seemed to be thrown in just to add some pages. Especially at the end.

Don’t need more from this author and didn’t read the bonus book. Accidentally Royal


R.S. Lively Ê 2 Read