Accepting Fate (Morelli Mafia Series, #2) By Vaya Thorn

I enjoyed reading this book but few parts were disturbing and problematic at the same time . Kindle Edition Accepting Fate takes off immediately where Believing in Fate finished.

Raf and Mina are captivating characters. You never know what to expect from them, and this book was just as exciting as the first.

An amalgamation of nail-biting suspense, hot sex, frightening murder, courtly intrigue, dangerous corruption, shocking violence, manipulation and deception.

Across-the-board, it was an incredible continuation of Raf and Mina’s romance. This storyline is precisely what I expect from a Mafia family; artistically gritty, breathtakingly suspenseful and just downright fantastic.

Focused, infectiously conceited, measured, reflective, hard-headed and savage—epitomises Raffaele.

Competitive and viciously smart, calculated, problematic, determinedly ruthless—epitomises Asimina.

I am impatiently waiting for the paperback to land through my letterbox so that I can position it proudly beside Believing in Fate on my bookshelf.

Jump into this book blindly and lose yourself to the dark underworld of enthralling turmoil; you won’t be disappointed.

Another five star read by Vaya Vaitsis.
Kindle Edition Amazing! A must read!! Kindle Edition Such an amazing book where you fall in love with every single character. There are so many twist and turns and an epic love story but an ending that will have you on edge I absolutely adored this book and the author. ❤️🖤 Kindle Edition I loved this book, the characters grew amazingly, plus I love how involved the side characters are and that the story doesn't always revolve around the love story of Rafaele and Assimina. The torture scenes are impeccably written, and so well crafted, it truly feels like I'm reading a mafia book! The addition of humour with all the names makes this book one of the best if not the best. Can't wait for book 3! Kindle Edition

The story of Raffaele Dante Morelli Capo Dei Capi and Asimina Alexiou continues. Book 2 Of the Morelli Mafia Series. We have watched a relationship grow. We have felt the heart-wrenching moments between Raffaele and Asimina. Their love for each other is undeniable. Asimina has always been strong and independent, for Raffaele, she surrendered and became dependent on him as he desired her to do. Together they pulled through the hardest moment of their lives, a moment that weighs on Raffaele and has him constantly feeling guilt. Clouded, he decided to leave her, now he has regrets. What has it cost him so far? What will it cost him to win back his Red Rose? The only woman that has captivated and intrigued him! The story continues. Will they overcome the hurt? Will she give in to the Demon, Beast, and lover? Can he win her back? Accepting Fate (Morelli Mafia Series, #2)

Vaya Thorn Å 8 SUMMARY


So the story begin at the point where we were left. A heartbroken Asmina, a cute little boy and a lot many secrets. Raf is in another level and to be honest at a point I was so angry at him but then again love is not always about letting go, it's much more. New characters will be there, and one will fall for that character. He is a perfect gentleman. Kat and Gun will be the extra love we want and everyone around will make this journey amazing until the end when you will be left with an empty box of tissue and be prepare 'cause it's the point from where the next will start. Another hell ride with our favorite character Raf and Mina. And this time it has weddings also.

Keep it up Vaya
Kindle Edition Absolutely amazing! Keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through. Once you start to reading you dont want to stop.

Highly recommended to friends and family!
Also a favourite of mine!💕 Kindle Edition I was so excited to start book two and get more of Asiminia and Raffaele. This picks up shorty after book one ends and this one tore at my heart strings! 🥺🥺

Asimina once again her strength is next level and I feel connected to her. Girl knows how to guard her heart but also protective of everyone she loves.

Raffaele the alphahole I’ve grown to love. Your boy is stubborn as all hell and works for what he truly wants. Hands his balls on a sliver plater 🤣

Asimina and Raffael are so strong and they love each other two souls speaking to each other. I love them !

This series has me hooked! The suspense the angst and all the connections the side characters add is just everything I love in a book!

5 star read!! I highly recommend this book!!
I can’t wait to start book 3 soon! Kindle Edition I loved this book! The heartbreak from book one continues and my emotions were all over the place with Asimina, as well as everyone else! Starting with a shock that sends damaging shockwaves to all! I love the way you can see so deep inside every character’s perspective of their situation and the effects it had on each and every one of them, especially when all the truths are known. None of them knew everything, making the consequences devastating. Then, just after bringing the group back together, chaos ensues bringing so much action, surprises, murders, reunions, weddings, engagements, broken relationships, building relationships, humor, love, pain & incredibly strong female characters!! I love them!! I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait to start book 3!! **This is book 2! Start with Believing in Fate! Kindle Edition What a heart stopping ride. I was so broken from the last book. And reading Mina's struggle after what happened, had ne in tears. The anger, pain, betrayal, and tears she cried. I was literally sobbing for her. She is so strong and so amazing. I'm so glad that she made everyone work for her forgiveness. What they did was beyond wrong, especially Rafaelle. I'm so glad they all were reconciled as that is all I wanted for Asimina. And what a shock that Stefano was the missing Morelli brother! Everything started fitting into its place. I wasn't really surprised with the revelation of who John was. But I'm glad Mina ended him! She's such a bad ass. The ending to this book has my heart stopping. Ugh! Stop playing with my heart. Kindle Edition