Abuse of Power By Lizzie Scott


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The children arrived with a lot of kicking and screaming from the eldest…terrified of the changes going on in his life.
One of our jobs as their carers was to minimise change as much as possible until their future was decided by the courts at the final hearing.
There was much going on in the background that we were not aware of but would find out in the course of time.
Plans were being made by professional people, who should know better and should never take advantage of their position to abuse those who are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves because they are told ‘The law is against you’, when actually what is meant is that they, in their powerful position are against you.
We were slowly and blindly heading toward an adult temper tantrum that neither I nor any of the social workers present at the time, had ever witnessed before.
A temper tantrum of such intensity that one person changed the course of these children’s lives.
It was a truly, truly wicked act of power displayed by one very spiteful egotistical person. Abuse of Power

A must read

Again was on Lizzies journey but this book was shocking and made my blood really boil ,very sad too, well done Lizzie for actually writing this book ,I think sometimes people need to know what goes on in a true account . Abuse of Power Good read

This book is interesting its about two brothers Carl and Peter who get taken into care. It seems that they were let down very badly by various people in various authorities. Abuse of Power I wish the ending hadn’t been so vague. Abuse of Power A fabulously written book by a Foster Carer. She comes across as a warm and non biased character and told a shocking story of how it does not always work out right for the children and how one person can turn the world upside down for so many. Heartbreaking. I do not want to give anything away suffice to say I highly recommend this as a read. Abuse of Power