A Woman's Worth By Chicki Brown

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Loved the storyline, romance and knowledge gained about the raw vegan lifestyle!

Great book... English I first read this book a few years ago and it was cool to read it again with fresh eyes and more perspective.

Really, I loved it the first time and I loved it now. Sure, there were some editing issues that would usually decrease my rating, but the story was good enough for me to give it a pass. Even after the second read, I wonder if men like Marc are real. lol

I'll certainly be reading the rest of the Stafford Brothers series again. And imagining these brilliant, gorgeous men in my head the whole time. ;) English Great Read!

I really enjoyed reading this book and I know others will too! I think Marc is my new Hero! I will definitely recommend this book to others! English Nice

A Woman's Worth was a nice introduction to this author. My first book by this author and i enjoyed it. I looking forward to reading more. English The world is rough.
This is the kind of book to read and feel better believing all of this could happen.
Great depth within each character as they move in this universe.
You won't get spoilers from me, or a 'book report' type of review.

Just read it, enjoy it and share it with someone who needs to believe the message.

Inspirational, original, romantic, witty. I want to know people like these characters. English

I loved this story. On the surface, it is a very easy read. Gianne is a strong woman, a cancer survivor is just picking up her life after her illness, and the departure of a dickless boyfriend who was scared off by the serious nature of her diagnosis.

Then she meets Marc, part of the charismatic Stafford clan, and before you can say raw vegan food evangelist she is travelling across the country to Las Vegas, for three months of fitness training, diet, and will they/won't they dynamics. Cynics will roll their eyes at this point but if so, this book is not for you. Saved from TV movie sentimentality by the author's writing and ability to draw her characters, this is a warm-hearted cuddle of a book, but one with an edge. Maybe some will object to the raw foods message. I know a few found it heavy-handed, but I didn't. It was interesting, but didn't make me feel guilty about my burger and fries.

Marc has his own family issues (don't we all?) and they were dealt with very entertainingly. The guy is hot, hot, hot! Perhaps a little good to be true? Whatever, he was a real sweetheart, and I loved him and Gianne together. Gianne didn't take any crap, either. Yes, she decided to go to Las Vegas, but she was pragmatic, knowing she had to return, scared of commitment yet not averse to a little fun. I loved her. I want her and her friends as my friends. She was a girl to root for.

Equally, Marc's family were complicated, competitive, aspirational, each with their own resentments but held together by their mother, who was awesome. The book really came alive when the family were together. I know this is the first in the Stafford Family series, so it will be interesting to watch these stories develop!

Finally, cancer is a tough subject that can be excruciating if clumsily dealt with, but the writer has done a brilliant job. Gianne lives her life six months at a time, from all-clear to all-clear. All through the book, I was never sure which way it was going to go, and I needed to know. Now I do, the last thing I'm going to do is tell you. Read it yourself.
English I am not a big reader of romance, but this book was truly wonderful. The characters were fully developed and the book kept me engaged until the very last page. Gianne MarVray is a cancer patient now in remission thanks to Dr. Stafford. To celebrate her new lease on life, he invites her to a family dinner and the rest as they say is History. Marc Stafford, one of Dr. Stafford's six handsome sons, sees Gianne at the family dinner and falls head over heels. There is just one issue....he lives in Las Vegas and Gianna lives in Atlanta. What do you do when you fall in love at first sight but you are on vacation? Marc wants a chance to get to know Gianne more and try to get her to his city for GOOD. I love how the Author weaves not just a tale of romance, but she offers an in depth look at family dynamics, unconditional love, and how it is so important to take the career path that makes YOU the happiest. I will definitely be checking out the rest of this series. English A heroine with real concerns to fear a love affair with almost palpable anxiety about it...a hero with a lot of love to give who treats her like a queen and does his best to ease her fears...vivid writing that puts you in the middle of the action (in an unobtrusive place, of course), and a well constructed storyline that comes together perfectly...AND I learned a few things (about a raw vegan lifestyle, done with the same deft manner in which history is handled in a Beverly Jenkins novel...fascinating without being overpowering). What more can I say? Just lovely. Now, I'm off to have a big, juicy hamburger! Highly recommended. English A love to conquer anything!

Marc and Gianne were so cute! A quick love affair, almost too fast but a great love story of going that extra mile! I was so glad Daddy Vic came around and things fell into place! A few grammatical errors along the way but I love the Stafford brothers and look forward to reading about all of them! Great job Chicki! English As soon as I began reading A Woman's Worth, the main characters endeared themselves to me. Marc's anxiety about facing an exacting father and Gianne's relief about her clean scan after a bout with uterine cancer immediately had me rooting for both characters. The idea that they both needed something that I suspected they would find in each other made me keep reading, wanting and waiting for them to make their connection.

And when they did meet, I thoroughly enjoyed the immediate resolve that Marc had that Gianne was a woman he wanted to get to know, and to whom he knew he would have a strong connection. Somehow,Chicki Brown managed to make that moment completely believable and not trite. And the slow progression of Marc's feelings for Gianne from a sense of connection to protectiveness and then finally to love were also very believable. A refreshing difference between this novel and many other romances was that Marc was not at all conflicted about his feelings for Gianne and once he chose her, his choice was unambiguous, and not at all ambivalent. Nothing sexier than a man who knows his own mind, in my opinion. He found his woman, he claimed her and he even conspired to make sure she wouldn't get away.

But I also related to Gianne's reluctance, after facing difficult circumstances, to trust that someone as good as Marc could happen to her, and her caution about becoming involved with him made absolute sense to me. I felt like one of her girlfriends, cheering from the sidelines, urging her to take a chance because she, more than anyone else, should know that tomorrow is promised to no one so you should seize today. And when finally, she took that leap, I was elated, and enjoyed watching her become acclimated to the idea of being in a relationship with a good man who was committed to her, in sickness and in health. The entire journey of this relationship was compelling, and so emotional, that for many pages, I planned how I would get back at Chicki Brown if she dared make Marc and Gianne have anything other than a happy ending.

One challenge I had was somewhere near the 30% mark where the author wanted to give us, the readers, more information about Marc's raw vegan lifestyle. I felt at times like I was being preached to, both by the author and by Marc himself, and it made me for a short time like him less. I think by then I was so invested in Gianne that I was feeling defensive on her behalf, considering what I know personally about raw veganism, and the evangelistic approach that some raw vegans have. I also felt that the author may have belabored that aspect of Marc's personality and life a tad too long in places, when I would have preferred to read more about the growing connection between the characters. My second challenge was the ending. I was thrilled that it ended the way it did BUT wanted just a little more detail about the aftermath of the climactic moment. Once the outcome was settled, it felt a little summarized there at the end, and that was what made this a four- rather than a five-star read for me.

Still, all in all, when an author is new to you, they either convince you or they don't. I was thoroughly convinced and am now looking forward to reading all of Chicki Brown's other work. English

Librarian note: alternative-cover edition of B00EUH6M3S.

Gianne Marvray has been through the worst two years of her life physically and emotionally. After a battle with cancer and all it entails, she is finally ready to start living her life again. She wants to see new places, meet new people and experience new things, but she isn’t ready for the rollercoaster ride she’s about to embark on when she meets Las Vegas personal trainer and raw vegan foods advocate, Marc Stafford.

After a four year absence, Marc comes home to Atlanta to attend a family celebration in one of his brother’s honor. He’s not thrilled about seeing his father, but he has promised his mother that he won’t throw off the family balance by being the only one of their six sons absent. All Marc wants to do is make an appearance at the event and spend a little time with his brothers. Little does he know that this is the night he will meet the woman who will forever change his life.

BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDED: 1st chapter of Chicki Brown’s next novel, TILL YOU COME BACK TO ME, coming Winter 2013. A Woman's Worth