A Tale of Two Christmas Letters (Texas Legends: The McCabes #6) By Cathy Gillen Thacker

When nurse Bess Monroe accidentally sent out the two wildly different Christmas letters she’d created, she knew she’d face a lot of ribbing from friends and family. Then she finds out that she accidentally sent one to her boss, and friend Jack McCabe. She’s had a small crush on Jack for a couple of years now, but realizes that he’s still in love with his wife, the woman who passed shortly after giving birth to their third child. She deals with all the ribbing from everyone and tries to move past it, but Jack just won’t let her.
Jack has had feelings for Bess for a little while now but won’t admit it to anyone one other than himself. Their families are linked by marriage and a deep friendship, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his friendship with Bess. After receiving her Christmas letter though, he decides to insinuate himself a little further into her life. When she agrees to a date with another doctor, jealousy flares and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.
Jack and Bess both use their friendship to keep a barrier up between themselves. They don’t want to be hurt, and at the same time, they don’t want to hurt each other. When their forced to confront their feelings, they explode in a fiery passion that burns up the pages. What they didn’t know, was that they could never hide their feelings for the other and their families both knew and subtly pushed them together. It was a great story to read, one full of love, passion, and family. It’s the perfect Christmas romance. I absolutely loved it.
** I received an arc of this story from Netgalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.
224 Anyone who knows me knows how much I love books with cute kids and pets and with Christmas as a background theme . A Tale of Two Christmas Letters brings all this and a beautiful romance.

Bess and her sister have a habit of writing Christmas letters, one optimist, another one pessimist and by mistake, Bess sends these letters to the e-mail of all her co-workers, including her good friend Jack.

Jack is a widow with three daughters who has the help of Mrs. D and Bess herself to care for his daughters. He and the girls have become so used to Bess' maternal presence that she is already consider a family member. When Jack reads Bess' letters and realizes that she would love to find a great love, he begins to realize that he likes the girl as more than a good friend and decides to explore that feeling and try to prove that he is ready to move on to a new love.

Bess, on the other hand, has already lived out her share of frustrated relationships and is tired to being dismissed because of old loves and ends up not accepting how Jack shows a discreet crush on her and not even realizing how invested the guy is to be together.

But he realizes more and more that Bess is a perfect woman for his family and struggles with all his strength to convince her that he is the right guy for her.

I loved Jack's daughters and how they interact with everyone. Loved the way Jack proved to Bess her importance in his life and how the pets' entry into the story. 224 A warm, witty and joyful contemporary romance that had me chuckling out loud from the very first pages, Cathy Gillen Thacker’s A Tale of Two Christmas Letters is an enchanting read that is simply adorable!

Rehab nurse Bess Monroe is absolutely mortified. She has accidentally sent out two Christmas letters which nobody was actually meant to see where she has told the world and his wife that she is still single, has a crush on a guy who is not remotely interested in her, a new house that is a total money pit and a car that is more trouble than it is worth. Worse, the letter has been read by none other than the guy she has been absolutely crazy about for years: widowed surgeon and father to three little girls, Jack McCabe.

Since the death of his wife, Jack has been too busy juggling bringing three young children with a busy surgical career. This has been anything but easy for Jack, however, Bess has always been more than willing to lend him a helping hand and be a surrogate mother to his three girls. When he reads Bess’ missive, he is shocked to discover that Bess has a crush on somebody – and he is even more shocked by how jealous he feels about this fact! With Christmas fast approaching, Jack decides to pay Bess back for all that she has done for him and his family by helping her get through the holiday season. However, his gift of friendship soon gives way to something that ends up surprising them both: a love that simply cannot be denied…

Will Jack and Bess finally find the one thing that they’ve wanted for so long this Christmas? Or are they simply better off as just friends?

Full of warmth, heart and charm, Cathy Gillen Thacker’s A Tale of Two Christmas Letters is a wonderful story that will leave readers with a great big smile on their face. Peppered with pathos, humor and sparkle and featuring two terrific characters you cannot help but warm to, A Tale of Two Christmas Letters is an absolutely brilliant read you should not miss. 224 I loved Jack and Bess's story! It wasn't just their story, though. It was the story of two families intertwined. It was the story of three motherless daughters who could see how perfect their friend Bess was for their daddy. When the book opens, Bess is down in the holiday dumps. She had written two drafts of her annual Christmas letter to her nursing school friends and accidentally sent them both! Awkward. Even more awkward is the guy she's crushing on in the letter is the one to show up in her office to ask her if she's okay. She's not. Neither is he.

Jack was the hospital's orthopedic surgeon, a widower and single father to three little girls. He wasn't looking for entanglements. He was comfortable being friends with Bess and had no idea she wanted more than platonic pizza nights with him and his girls. On the rare occasion he let himself think about what life might be like if he fell in love again, he knew it could only be with one woman. Bess.

Agreeing to a holiday fling, they comfort themselves by saying they could be friends with benefits for the holidays and go back to being friends without benefits after the New Year. Well, you ALL know how that worked out. It didn't. Pretty soon they were up to their ears in feelings and had no idea what to do with them. Misunderstandings ensue and as Christmas approaches, Bess fears her heart will be broken when he walks away. Jack has a plan, though, and for a seconds you have hope that he has it figured out. Until he comes out with an idea that truly only be thought up by a man!

A Tale of Two Christmas Letters was so sweet at the end that I got a toothache but in a good way! One of the reasons I loved this story was because the adults were mature, willing to talk out their issues, and didn't stomp around mad for days over every silly little thing. Love takes real work and Ms. Thacker portrayed that in a way that was mature and logical. There are no limits on love, she said, and I think, she's got that perfectly right. 224 Rehab nurse Bess Monroe is feeling a little grumpy. It's that time of year - Thanksgiving and Christmas time. It's a very busy time of year. That doesn't excuse Bess' big mess-up. She never liked having to write the yearly Christmas newletter her nursing school graduating class had as their tradition. So grumpy Bess wrote two letters, one rather grinchy and just a tad bit negative and the other very falsely over-cheerful which was far from the truth as well. She didn't plan to send either letter out but the drafts she had saved on her computer just somehow got sent when she turned on her computer. Her friend, surgeon and widower, Jack McCabe confronted her with the letters and Bess confessed to her unhappy state of mind. Jack knew he needed to step up to the plate and hit a homer of a solution to Bess' unhappiness since making Bess happy was very important to him. Game on!

A Tale of Two Christmas Letters by Cathy Gillen Thacker is an interesting romance story. I like the friends to lovers to a HEA genre and this story fits that quite well. Add in three delightful little girls, lots of family love and matchmaking, and two lovely Golden Retriver puppies and you have the fun romance in the story as well as sweet Christmas spirit and homey contentment. There's lots of hot, sexy times as well. I enjoyed the pace of this story. Bess and Jack fought the inevitable outcome and came to understand their feelings in a realistic timeframe. As I finished this book I felt more than satisfied and that's a good way to feel at the end of a book. 224


I received this free book from the publisher for honest review.

4.5 stars ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐🌠

This is the first time reading from this author.
This is a real cute read. It melt my heart 💓.
I felt like I was watching one of those Romance Christmas from Hallmark movies.

What a beautiful wonderful amazing read.

What a great read! This had me hooked from the beginning. The sitting, theme, and the Characters had me pulled so in. Everything was well put together and it was just perfect. This novel did just that to me.
Highly recommend everybody get this book and read it. Its so good!
Can't wait for her next book. 224 Bess and Jack are good friends; Bess has been helping Jack and his three little girls since their mother died in childbirth three years before the novel begins. Bess is hiding one very big secret though, she is in love with Jack. However, due to past relationships where she was the rebound girlfriend, she hides it from him; knowing his desire never to remarry or have any more children, both things that Bess dreams of having one day. So, she writes two Christmas letters to her colleagues and friends, with no intention of sending them. One letter is full of optimism and the other sounds like it was written by Scrooge, only thing is she accidentally does send the emails. Jack swoops in to the rescue, promising Bess she will have an amazing Christmas with him and his girls.

This novel was just not for me. It involves my least favourite trope, insta-love. I suppose, considering this is three years in the making, it does not seem instant. However, within the time frame of the novel. the lovemaking/love was just too quick for my taste.

I am also not a fan of romances that continuously use hiding emotions and feelings to create conflict, then immediately having the couple reconciling or falling in to bed, while still not really revealing or dealing with their true emotions. This happened at least 4 or 5 times in this novel, before they finally snapped out of it for the conclusion. The novel would have been much shorter had Bess and Jack been more mature and open. The wishy-washy, friends-with-benefits just did not interest me. I know others love these kinds of novels and will enjoy the banter, the love scenes that happen sometimes spontaneously, and the overall cheese of the book.

I also know it is part of a series, which seems to involve a lot of having twins or triplets and a similar love story in each of the novels. So, I found the story to be a bit unbelievable, which added to the book not pulling me in, and had me not connecting at all with the characters. As well, for all the talk about the presents for the girls, and their gift for Bess, there was no scene that revealed any of the gifts or reactions to them. So, this felt like a dropped plot point.

For me, this novel would have clicked more if it was a slower burn, had a more mature relationship between the two leads, was a little less holiday corny, and was more a look at two people realizing they may love each other as more than friends.

One redeeming quality, the relationship that Bess had with the three girls, which was sweet, but not overly indulgent. As well, who cannot love golden retriever puppies thrown into the mix, even if it seemed they were preparing for a petting zoo to live with them.

I was given this novel by the Harlequin Publicity Team, for promotional purposes on Instagram.

Check out all of my reviews on http://www.onemamassummer.weebly.com/... 224 This is a really heartwarming contemporary romance with a fantastic epilogue!

Every year the group of nurses and medical staff who'd worked together in the past shared their news in a letter to each other. Bess Monroe really doesn't want to participate this year and in a fit of pique writes two letters - one sharing everything that has gone wrong for her and the other a more positive front on the events. She never meant for anyone else to read either of them but they were shared with everyone . . . . including her best friend and secret crush, Doctor Jack McCabe. She's mortified when he reads them to her . . . . He's a widower, with three little girls and she's used to having a regular role in their lives - just not the role she's like!

The letters are also a wake up call to her siblings who decide to take action to help her find love by matchmaking, not realising she's already in love. However, that's also a trigger for Jack to realise he sees her as more than someone to help him as a family friend but can they open up their hearts to each other to find a future together?

The girls are delightful matchmakers, the romance moves from friends to friends with benefits but can they help make it a forever love? With manipulative, interfering siblings, plenty of twists and Christmas this is a lovely festive romance that is great to escape into! You'll just have to read it for yourself to see if the girls will all get their Christmas wishes coming true....

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it. 224 A friends to lovers romance set at Christmastime between rehab nurse Bess, and widowed surgeon Jack, who has three young daughters. Unfortunately, this book didn’t work for me at all and I never found myself caring about the characters. Bess was too desperate for a husband and kids. Jack’s dead wife’s presence was felt too prominently throughout the story. The kids were probably supposed to be cute, but they came off as annoying instead. There was too much waffling back and forth as to whether Bess and Jack should take their relationship to a more intimate level, and too many sex scenes. And I really didn't like the whole friends-with-benefits thing. The one thing I was curious to see was also a disappointment. This story was pretty much a bust for me. 224 The story has all the makings of holiday cheer, little kids, puppies, cookie making, tree decorating, family, and caroling... It is a sweet and passionate story of second chances, new beginnings, and dreams coming true if you just dare to get your walls down and take the risk of being honest and vulnerable with your feelings.
I liked the characters, I liked the setting, a texas hospital, and two large merging families at Christmas time. The story does have a little thrid person drama, going on a date with someone else after the initial attraction. The conflict in the story is my least favorite type, and it keeps repeated several times throughout the book: lack of communication, not being honest about feelings, emotions, hiding the true reasons for actions. A constant in the tale is the inner monologue from both of the protagonist that shows how their true thoughts and emotions are far from what they show and communicate. I know some enjoy that yet I find it frustrating.
Overall a cute Christmas love story
~ Three Spoons 224

Will a single dad and three little girls fulfill her secret Christmas wish?

Rehab nurse Bess Monroe is mortified that she accidentally sent the wrong Christmas letter to her boss! And so now Jack McCabe, widowed surgeon and father of three little girls, offers his friendship to get through the holidays. But their pact soon turns into something more. Can a woman who’s been burned by love open her heart to Jack for the holidays—and maybe forever?

A Tale of Two Christmas Letters (Texas Legends: The McCabes #6)

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