A Song For You (The Lake #2) By Chicki Brown

summary A Song For You (The Lake #2)

Breelyn Jarrett is known for being a wild child in the small town of Eufaula, Alabama. Now that she’s celebrated her thirtieth birthday, she spends her days enjoying the single life and her nights singing karaoke at clubs in nearby Dothan. Though she has a beautiful voice, she has never attempted to go further than karaoke clubs. When her best friend’s husband records her performance and sends it to a friend who works at an Atlanta record company, her life takes a turn she never could have expected.

When it comes to business, Pierce Devereaux enjoys the good life as the Chief Financial Officer of an Atlanta record company, but when it comes to life after hours, he’s tired of dating and meaningless sex. When he meets the beautiful and talented Breelyn at her contract signing, and he is mesmerized. Her freewheeling spirit and outlook on life are the complete opposite of his conservative professional image. Realizing the last thing Bree wants is a serious relationship with any man, Pierce accepts the challenge, determined to change her mind, pursuing her with the same focused intention he applies to his career.

Will Breelyn and Pierce’s attraction overcome their differences? A Song For You (The Lake #2)

I liked the book as much as I liked the cover. Chicki Brown definitely does her homework in the music industry, but this is also a story about two people who learn to make music together- love music that is. It's my first time reading a book by Chicki Brown, and I look forward to reading others. 342 Realistic

I liked the story, but Bree and her obstinance, coupled with her naivete, was all kinds of frustrating. I've always felt that you should never dismiss another person's feelings or emotions, but Bree, JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!😡😡😡 Still a good book though.

Buy it, read it and enjoy.👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥 342 I loved this book more than I expected ! Laugh , cry, swoon , anger if you’re feeling these things you know you’re reading a good book , this book is good.💜💜💜💜💜 342 Excellent!

Oh my goodness! What a great story for Bree! I was all in my feelings with this one; I was rooting for her like I'm her mama!

Pierce was definitely a great choice for her...I honestly thought she would have gotten with Spence. Happy she didn't though; Pierce is THE MAN!

I cried so much about her mom; the scenes with her mom tugged at my heartstrings. Thank you for giving her a beautiful send off. You did Bree well!!! 342 Real romance (grown &sexy) between real people

A Song for You is another winner. Breelyn Jarett, a quirky singer with purple hair, is finally getting her big break, and maybe the man of her dreams. But Breelyn and Pierce Devereaux both have history that influences their behavior and nterferes with their readiness to become a couple. This book was very different from many romances in that it seemed as if Bree and Pierce spent way more time apart and upset with each other than together, yet when they did get together, it was so obvious they were destined for a future. Bree and Pierce were real people with full, whole lives which made them more lovable individually and together. I think I'd like to see more of Baron and Shirelle, but I'll take Chelsea's story for book 3. Keep them coming, Chicki! 342


Great read!!!💕

I love everything about this book! I could have choked Bree.....even though I understood where her mind was. Bree couldn't believe that Pierce was really cared. She felt he wanted to control her. He didn't know what Bree had experienced. They came to realize that they were The One ....and nothing else mattered. I enjoyed being introduced to their families. My emotions were everywhere. I actually cried about Bree's mom. Nothing prepares you for that. Chicki Brown nailed it. Thank you. I love this series👏👏👏 342 Pierce is BAE!

After reading book 1 with Tangie and Reese’s story, I was ecstatic to read about her wild counterpart, Breelyn. This book was an overall good read. It had a couple of repetitive parts, but it didn’t take away or hinder the story. The different dynamics of the relationships with Bree, her parents, siblings and friends was intricately detailed and I love the way their stories wove together.

But Bree and her attitude with Pierce? Smh, Bree. Literally, I was exhausted with her incessant whining. Pierce constantly did the pursuing and the conceding all the time. By the time the STA rolled around, I actually reveled when Sherelle strolled through! LOL I loved her wild and free spirit in book 1, but with Pierce she came off as rude and immature instead. I loved everything about Pierce...everything and I almost wanted him to show some asperity towards her. Geesh, girl, come on! Pierce was the man book baes are made of lol! In the end, I was suckered into his love for Bree cause I’m just a sucker for a happy ending. (Pun not intended lol) can’t wait to read the rebel story of Chelsea! 342
Title: A Song For You
Author: Chicki Brown
Publisher: C. B.
Series: Book Two in The Lake Series
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

A Song For You by Chicki Brown

My Thoughts...

What a good read this novel was that will definitely keep you turning the pages till the end. This was definitely a story of how opposites attract as it was for Breelyn and Pierce. I will say that Bree got on my nerves a lot but I just kept on reading to see when it would start to sink in for her that maybe her reasoning wasn't the correct way. I am so glad that Pierce kept in there through all the drama that came his was when it was to Bree where he 'didn't play games with his heart.' Definitely a read where love will find a way especially when two people are designed to be together. I can't wait for the next series of 'The Lake Series Book 3. 342 Good, good, amazing

Chicki took the time to take us down memory lane. It was good to see Reese's fine @$$ again. He and Tangie are a perfect match. Pierce and Breelyn, just as magical. I needed Bree to stop tripping so much and claim her man. She heard me screaming and did just that... Good stuff Chicki Brown.... 342 Nice!!

In honor of international women’s day and it’s official color being purple, I post this review with the lovely “purple haired” Breelyn Jarret in mind. The author gracefully depicts a story of a small town girl with big dreams. Some she was aware of and then there was the handsome Pierce that caught her by surprise. I’m sure most women will relate to her. I did!! Those moments when want to believe there really are good men out there but you’re afraid to lean all the way in. Bree learned that it’s okay to take that leap. You may just get caught by the right suitor. 342