A Road Trip with Conrad By Candice Blake

Elijah and Conrad are adorable. i love gay for you, and Conrad is def gay for Elijah, but it's more than that. it's more like Conrad is just discovering himself. i loved this couple and their chemistry. Candice Blake is a fave author, and i would def recommend this book! A Road Trip with Conrad *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

I don’t normally select a book by the cover but this one I did. Anyone who knows me I’m obsessed with camper vans so that caught my eye and then a novel about a road trip? Sold. And Candice Blake delivered! I absolutely loved the two characters - Conrad and Elijah. Their chemistry was obvious from the second they met and Blake really did their connection justice. The writing flowed, the action unfolded at a great pace and I really enjoyed their adventures. Word of warning, once I opened it I couldn’t put it down and I spent my afternoon curled up under a blanket and finished the book in one sitting.

This is only my second novel by Blake but it sure as hell won’t be my last - I’ve definitely bumped ALL her remaining novels to the top of my TBR list and I can’t wait to lose myself in her stories. A Road Trip with Conrad 25 year old Elijah and his dog Coop are on a road trip from New York to California when they break down in Nebraska. There are only two houses nearby but as he doesn't want to ask anyone for help he stays in his self sufficient campervan.
Conrad a 35 year old has been watching the young man in a campervan from his house so he goes to see if he can help. He notices that he has a cute dog for company.
After talking for a couple of days Elijah convinces Conrad to go on the trip with him. They set off and not long book into a site only after Conrad sweet talks the receptionist. They roast marshmallows on the open fire before Elijah gets back in the van. He crashes before he gets the spare bed out for Conrad. Conrad settles on the floor until Elijah tells him to get on the bed. When Conrad wakes in the morning he finds himself aroused and sticky, OMG why is he feeling this way, he's straight!
As they get further into their adventure they are soon sharing kisses and much more. At the end of the road trip will they go their own way or will love prevail?
I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. A Road Trip with Conrad Here we meet Elijah Conrad who is driving his converted van from his home to Las Vegas to begin a life as an actor. Unfortuntely, he breaks down in Nebraska on a quiet back road and is stranded. Enter Conrad Westbrook, a bee farmer, who offers Elijah assistance while his van is being repaired.
The spark between these two characters is electric. And while Conrad has always identified as straight, a chink appears which grows through the story when Conrad joins Elijah on his adventure.
I loved these two characters. they were funny and engaging. This reads as if it is a coming of age story but the two main characters are older however because of their sheltered upbringings they are less mature.
A well-developed story which deserves to do well. A Road Trip with Conrad

Candice Blake à 8 Read & Download

An M/M Romance Novel

ELIJAH: You saved me and we quickly became friends…
Needing a change of scene from his life, twenty-five-year-old Elijah Collins dreams of living off the grid and traveling across the country. He leaves everything behind and embarks on the trip of a lifetime in a 1973 Volkswagen Westfalia. But halfway through his journey to Los Angeles, the van breaks down on a rural road in Nebraska. With nobody in sight, Elijah is stranded…until a handsome and strapping alpha gives him a hand.

CONRAD: I’ve been straight my whole life until you came along…
Thirty-five-year-old Conrad Westbrook lives a simple life on a farm where he runs his dad’s honey business. When he finds Elijah on the side of the road, Conrad welcomes the young traveler into his home until the van gets repaired. Wanting to return the favor, Elijah invites Conrad to join him on the road trip. Forced together in the small camper van, while exploring the breathtaking sites of western America, neither men know how to handle their growing attraction towards each other.

Our lives are worlds apart, but can we make it work?
Conrad finds it harder to resist his attraction to another man for the first time. While Elijah, who's so focused on the destination, doesn’t realize that the man he’s sharing his journey with is all he needs. They started the road trip as nothing more than friends, but unexpectedly become much more. What happens at the end of the road when both men have to head their separate ways and return back to their own lives?

A Road Trip with Conrad is a stand-alone M/M romance with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. A Road Trip with Conrad

Simple and completely, utterly unrealistic. That's what I was thinking while reading this book. That's no to say I didn't enjoy it, I did, but just go in knowing things are not going to make sense a lot of the time. And I would have loved if they could've had just one sexual encounter that didn't involve pain and cleaning up their mess with their shirts that they then put back on to wear. Ewww. Also, showers. Showers are a good thing, I promise! A Road Trip with Conrad 2.6 stars and being generous
So I read this for two challenges, one a title containing the word with and one a road trip story. And it meet both those criteria. It's not awful, but it's really not very good either. If it hadn't been for the challenges, I would've DNFed it. Too many inconsistencies, very flat characters, clunky prose. But I finished off one challenge and am one book closer on the other, so...winning?! A Road Trip with Conrad DNF @ 50%

I just couldn't take it anymore.

What started out as an amazing concept turned out to be one of the most awkward stories ever.

I don't feel like listing all the things I didn't like in a review when I haven't even finished the book, but as far as road trip / gay first time romances go, this was...

No rating from me. A Road Trip with Conrad This one left me smiling. It is written very simplistically and I believe that is where its charm comes from. I thought that a good editor would have a field day with this story yet as I read more I found the simple writing to be completely necessary. Conrad and Elijah were pretty much average guys and an awesome couple. The epilogue was a bit cheesy and over the top for me personally but others will love it. I was angry with the elder Westbrook for all that he cheated Conrad out of. A parent just should not do that. Having taken a cross country trip much like theirs, I could feel the eager excitement of hitting a new city. Well done Ms Blake! A Road Trip with Conrad Compelling, Sweet Story About Discovering Love & Following Your Dreams

Elijah Collins is traveling across the country with his dog. Elijah is on his way to Los Angeles. When his van breaks down, Elijah is helped and befriended by a man in Nebraska. Elijah is gay and has know it all his life. Elijah finds this stranger very attractive.

Conrad Westbrook is living alone taking of his father's business. Conrad has become some what numb to life and the way it has turned out. He likes to help others. After helping Elijah with his van, Conrad is invited along for the road trip. Conrad admits that he has never left Nebraska. Conrad must decide if he can leave the business, the bees and his father for 2 weeks. Conrad believes that he is straight, because he has never known anything else. That is just how it is supposed to be / around his town. Conrad finds himself thinking Elijah.

Elijah and Conrad go on a trip across America and discover themselves, their dreams, and each other. They learn what makes them happy and true freedom. Eli and Conrad help each other experience things that they have never done before. The men seem to balance the other one out / perfect together. Conrad wants to take care of and protect Eli. Eli wants to help Conrad by showing him the world outside of his town. The men see a future that they didn't think was possible or existed before. What will happen at the end of the trip? Can these two find love and a happily ever after?

If you are like me then you will be cheering for / pulling for Conrad and Eli throughout the story. You will want them to find happiness, love and a way to stay together. Some of my favorite scenes were: when they went snowboarding, Eli trip to see the bee hives, and hiking at the camp ground the first day. The chemistry was red hot & intense. I was invested in the lives of both Elijah and Conrad with the first few pages. A Road Trip With Conrad is a beautiful and unique story. It has interesting characters, love, romance and is well written. In my opinion, A Road Trip With Conrad has a very compelling message or theme. My take away from this book was to follow your dreams, be true to yourself & love yourself and others.

Overall Story - 5 Stars
Chemistry - 5 Stars
POV - Alternating POV's
HEA - Yes
M/M - Yes
Recommend to Others - Yes
* I volunteered for this arc. This is my unbiased opinion. I chose to purchase the book to support the author.

A Road Trip with Conrad