A Place For War (Z-Day #3) By Daniel Humphreys

The thrilling conclusion to the acclaimed Z-Day trilogy!

We stand on the brink, ready to reclaim this continent. Our fight today is not for resources or supplies. We’re coming home.

The future is now. Equipped with a mix of primitive and bleeding-edge technologies, the US military is bringing everything we have left to bear against the zombie horde. The evolution of the infected into vicious alpha predators has made old tactics dangerous and obsolete.

It's time to break out the big guns.

Meanwhile, Miles Matthews leads a small team on a last-ditch mission deep into infected territory. Miles and his team will be on their own, surrounded, and outnumbered. Succeed, and they end the alphas' reign of terror. Fail, and they join the horde.

Will this be our last stand, or the final victory in a decade-long nightmare?
A Place For War (Z-Day #3)


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An excellent zombie series. A Place For War (Z-Day #3) 4 A Place For War (Z-Day #3) Great series

Really enjoyed all three books - this wraps up the adventure well.

Eight more words required. Stupid. Stupid. Amazon creature. A Place For War (Z-Day #3) I have really enjoyed this series, but it seemed to wrap up a bit quickly here. I got the feeling that the end game was rushed through. A Place For War (Z-Day #3)

Oh, man... what a great series! The writing, the many great characters, all that action, and, yes... even the scary AF zulus. I loved it. A Place For War (Z-Day #3) Daniel Humphrey’s Z-Day now-complete trilogy is awesome. I would say it is my favorite all-time zombie series, but I haven’t read all that many zombie series. Buy, yes, it is my favorite all-time zombie series. And I don’t have to tell you it’s awesome if you’ve read the first two books. If you haven’t, go read book 1. Now.

Like book 2, book 3 is as much military SF as it is a post-apocalyptic book. Miles returns after being largely absent from book 2, but the action remains far away from the rechristened Hope.

Spoilers (mild spoilers?) for the first two books follow.

Book 2 is driven by a mission to recover experimental airships from California. But the real jackpot was when the soldiers stumbled across Sandy, a GenPharm doctor. Sandy sets in motion a series of events that may allow the remnant of the United States military to stop the zombie apocalypse once and for all (or maybe not).

A Place For War has a somewhat lackluster ending, which is my only real complaint. It isn’t that it isn’t an effective conclusion, but the climactic fight/mission doesn’t quite live up to the very high standard set by the first two books. Yeah, lackluster isn’t the right word.

A Place For War also features another flashback, similar to the one with Sandy from book 2, and this time it winds up being the highlight of the book. Humphreys neatly ties it in with the endgame, but it stands very well on its own. I would have read an entire series centered on Molly.

Disclosure: Dan sent me a review copy of A Place For War. A Place For War (Z-Day #3) 3.5 stars for the book, 4 stars for the series. If I had to rank them, I'd put #2 well ahead of #3 with both being more entertaining than Book 1!

Well, I've spent most of the past 5 days or so doing not much of anything other than reading through the Z-Day trilogy. Again, I have to say its not the best zombie book and/or series I've ever read but it is in the top enchelon. Very entertaining and quick to read, all three of these books provide if nothing else a good time to lovers of the genre like me. There's enough original content in terms of the how's, why's and so on of 'The Plague' to keep you reading and certainly Humphreys' strength lies in his ability to create characters you can believe are extremely real to the point of feeling their loss or losses as they happen.

Having said that, in my mind, Z-Day #3 could have been a LOT better if Humphreys' had played all the good scenarios he'd created out to their full potential. I found he was just a little too impatient at the end to really knock it out of the park if that makes sense. There are some bits of the plot that are just left hanging - the 'zombie boy' (is he cured at the end?) and the Alphas are just two of them that immediately spring to mind. Also, no one ever seems to mind that Sandy is carrying around an anti-dote all this time? I know he doesn't 'reveal' it until the end but the approach he takes just seemed unrealistic to me.

It's unfortunate, but it will stick with me for a while that I felt the ending was too rushed and unsatisfying. This for a trilogy that quite frankly could have been EPIC if the development had gone like it had from the first book through the second. For my tastes, the action scenes in Book #3 were noticeably inferior to the 2nd book and too much of the action takes place from 'long distance'. Sure, the entire plan and execution of carpet bombing (more or less) hundreds of thousands of zulus is an interesting tour de force, but it never rachets up to the same level of excitement and drama as that rooftop battle in California in 'Hope'.

Speaking of 'Hope' - the city this time - there's really no significant mention of it in this book nor I guess does there need to be. Instead, Humphreys is content to follow the same formula he uses in book 2 - to great success I will add - with a main 'current day' plot intersecting ultimately the 'past events just after Z-day' sub-plot he has going throughout. I found myself missing many of the previous main players that are either in the background here or who were lost in previous books.

Still, that leaves us then with a trilogy that works more like a 1-book stand-alone - the first is just that much different imho - combined with a couple of heavy-into-the-military-action tomes that are fine ... if that's your thing. It's not Correia's 'MHI' level in that regard but again, it works here and Humphreys pulls it off well. Key point is that if you enjoy a good dose of the last dregs of mankind vs. overwhelming undead hordes, well, go for it! A Place For War (Z-Day #3) A spectacular conclusion to a series that puts the Zombie Apocalypse trope on its head.

Caveat: I received an advance copy of this novel to beta read for free.

A Place Outside The Wild & A Place Called Hope were great ZA books about making the best of the worst of situations and scratching to find a way to live.

A Place for War pushes past the survivor aspect straight to the in-your-face, take-back-what's-ours, kick-those-zombies-in-their-teeth action of a mil-sf novel. Plot points are resolved, secrets are revealed, and the struggle reaches its climax. You won't be able to put this one down, trust me.

I highly recommend this book, and the entire series to anyone who likes apocalyptic fiction, science fiction or just some good ole zombie fights! A Place For War (Z-Day #3) What a great series. I cannot believe the author ever considered keeping this as a stand-alone. This absolutely needed to be a series and honestly I would read another ten books about this particular end of the world. I spent the last week devouring the books at all hours of the day, snatching a few pages on smoke breaks and reading far past my bedtime. I just could not put them down.

I loved that while there is a fixed cast of characters that leads us through the series the author keeps bringing new perspectives and characters in different timelines on the apocalypse axis into the mix. After book two I knew that at some point the timelines in this book would probably converge too and that is what kept me on the edge of my seat.

Running through this series at the speed that I did definitely did the parts that dragged some favours. I didn't really mind the technical details in the first book - to me it just spoke of the huge effort that must have gone into the research and I am a worldbuildng nerd. This time there were a few more parts I skimread past but when the action picked up again it did so at full volume and the resolution to the zombie plague was great.

All the painstaking work of setting up the world paid off in spades.

Absolutely recommended for anyone who loves a good Zombie read. A Place For War (Z-Day #3)