A Nexus Wedding (Nexus Chronicles, #6) By Viola Grace

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This is Abby and Xander's wedding and last of the series...for now. It was fun and entertaining. It had me laughing as I read the chaos that ensued.

I would recommend that a person read this series in the following order regardless of how the order is stated in the descriptions:

Raven Dexter, Paranormal Midwife
Impractical Magus
Chubby Is The Night
Gnomes of Suburbia
Gargoyles in the Round
A Nexus Xmas
Pixies In The Park
Hotel Spectre
A Nexus Wedding
A Nexus Wedding (Nexus Chronicles, #6)

We join Abby and Xander on their big day, a huge wedding at Hotel Spectre. When the rings go missing, the bridal gown gets tainted with blood and the groom starts a fistfight in the garden, only the efforts of friends and creatures can make Abby have the wedding day she deserves.

Whatever fate had in mind, this will be the happiest damned bride that ever animated her lawn ornaments. Or else. A Nexus Wedding (Nexus Chronicles, #6)