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Not since `The Grand chessboard' American Primacy & Geostrategic Imperatives (Z. Brzezinski), have I read a book that was as enthralling, and as deeply disturbing as `Conjuring Hitler'. In spite of the vast complexities of the Financial & Banking World examined throughout the course of this book, Mr Guido Preparta's writing style and approach to the subject ensures that comprehension is achieved for a wider non academic audience. I have found the book to be expertly referenced, as you would expect being written by a Professor of Economics.

The big question that I very quickly found myself asking was, can I set aside the last vestige of miss placed national pride for this `Great' Britain to enable me as an adult, to digest the main premises of this book. Which is that the United Kingdom deliberately created both financial and political climate to bring about the Second World War at a total cost of 70million wasted lives.Though it deeply saddens me, my answer is yes I can, and yes I believe the contents of this book to be a much accurate account to what transpired over 63 years ago, and who manipulated who into starting the worst war mankind has ever unleashed. Sir Churchill said it on numerous recorded speeches. ..that there never has been a war which was so easily avoided..we were so glutted in our victory (WW1), that in our folly we through it all away I now have a much greater understanding of Sir Churchill's words, global money/power, and the very birthplace of those much loved global institutions the World Bank and the IMF, largely due to this wonderfully fascinating book. My sincere thanks to the author!! 074532181X A well written and researched historical masterpiece. Every single student of history should read this book. 074532181X

Nazism is usually depicted as the outcome of political blunders and unique economic factors: we are told that it could not be prevented, and that it will never be repeated. In this explosive book, Guido Giacomo Preparata shows that the truth is very different: using meticulous economic analysis, he demonstrates that Hitler's extraordinary rise to power was in fact facilitated and eventually financed by the British and American political classes during the decade following World War I. Through a close analysis of events in the Third Reich, Preparata unveils a startling history of Anglo American geopolitical interests in the early twentieth century. He explains that Britain, still clinging to its empire, was terrified of an alliance forming between Germany and Russia. He shows how the UK, through the Bank of England, came to exercise control over Weimar Germany and how Anglo American financial support for Hitler enabled the Nazis to seize power. This controversial study shows that Nazism was not regarded as an aberration: for the British and American establishment of the time, it was regarded as a convenient way of destabilising Europe and driving Germany into conflict with Stalinist Russia, thus preventing the formation of any rival continental power block. Guido Giacomo Preparata lays bare the economic forces at play in the Third Reich, and identifies the key players in the British and American establishment who aided Hitler's meteoric rise. Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich

Professor Preparata's thesis is that the Anglo American Establishment provided the circumstances that lead to the downfall of the Post WW 1 German Weimar republic and the rise of Adolph Hitler and the rise of the German National Socialist Party, the books American sub title is, How Britain and America made the Third Reich. IMO Professor Preparata's thesis is not only a masterpiece of revisionist history and it should set a new standard of scholarship in its field. Henry Ford was a backer of Hitler and was given a medal for his enthusiasm for the former house painter, Dieterding, the Dutch British head of Royal Dutch Shell,gave millions to the Nazi cause,and after the United States entered the war, Prescott Bush's Union Banking company, was closed down for violating the Trading with the Enemy Act, this was done in 1942. Gehlen, Eichmann, and American British Vatican involvement, after the war, with smuggling Nazis all over the world a question must be asked When did Anglo American Vatican support end for the German rightist end ?4 1/2 Stars 074532181X Preparata's main premise is that the English ruling class establishment needed to foster and arm a fanatical German group that would avenge her defeat in WWI. He examines and exposes many financial deals and agreements, central bank actions, and other business and political deals, that make his premise undeniably credible. He also analyzes the policy of appeasement, and explains that the British ruling class used an elaborate act of political theater to give the Nazis the impression that The Prince of Wales, along with other groups were sympathizers. He also analyzes the Soviet role in arming Germany, right up until the Nazis invaded.

WWI was started by the same Anglo imperialists to stop German imperial ambitions and economic progress, but failed to completely destroy the country, or precisely, its spirit. Preparata explains how Anglo imperialists also put the Bolsheviks in power to stop czarist imperialism, double crossing their WWI ally. After the war, the Germans were still willing and able to defeat – along with the czarist resistance – the Bolshevik psychos, and bring to nothing the even sadistic and psychotic long term schemes of the British ruling class. Preparata exposes British foreign policy as attuned to lies, mass murder, and double crossing ‒ seemingly just for their own sake ‒ rather than for any cogent, long lasting geopolitical aims.

They used foreign policy as a way to unleash their innate rage, limitless arrogance and their all consuming delusion that they were superior and should rule the world. It seems that the policy was the result of some inherent psychosis that is an integral part of extreme arrogance and racism. There's no way that a policy like that, and tactics like those can sustain control; they can only destroy and achieve short term success. Even if only high level government officials of countries discover the plots, they will know they're dealing with dangerous and insane killers.

This is the attitude of a small minority that wielded tremendous power: the mechanism of any oligarchic society. A group that began in earnest with Cecil Rhodes, Edward VII and Alfred Milner and captured politicians like Balfour, Asquith, Grey, Lloyd George, Churchill and several top military figures. Of course there was the collusion of business and finance: the banks, the Rothschilds, Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England, the press and arms barons etc. and hoards of minor officials – this is the gang. There are also their minions and counterparts in high places in other countries. Preparata focuses on post WWI, but gives a brief overview of pre WWI schemes.

This British system of concerted chaos continues, having infected the American oligarchs, using them as puppets to continue the slaughter that they, being a toothless tiger, can no longer perpetuate. They've leached on to the American empire to create the Anglo American empire. All their brilliant evil schemes ever accomplished politically was to lose them their empire, millions of soldiers and civilians, and reduce them to hollow pretensions of grandeur, solely and wholly contained in bad public television shows made for old ladies and fops. It did make many people immensely rich though and I think that's all that really mattered to them.

Soon Scotland and Wales will go. If ever there was a country, along with the US, that needs a national reconciliation with its own people, it's England. Books like this one, and Hidden History: the Secret Origins of World War One by Gerry Docherty and James Macgregor, can help achieve that. Tear down the Churchill cult and expose the monarchy and disband it, official historians are hiding their treason and so have the subsequent governments. Along with exposing the treason of the politicians, expose the dealings of the banking cartels – no peace or truth can be achieved unless that happens. They cannot say, after policies as savage and insane as those, that they were acting in the best interests of the nation.

The book has a lot of economics terminology but Preparata does a good job of making it understandable; it maintains a narrative thread, especially in the last chapters that powerfully depict the results of the years of financial/political scheming to rearm Germany, in order to suck her into another two front war and hopefully, cause even greater destruction than WWI, and of course, even greater war profits. The Bolsheviks were the perfect extreme counterpart to the Nazis, both funded by the Anglo war machine. Communist apologists will have as hard a time with this book as deluded Anglophiles and followers of official history. I admit, it's hard to take. I had no idea of the intricacy of these plots, or that they were stated policy, before reading this book, though I knew of the rampant trading with the enemy during the war, through books like Charles Higham's American Swastika.

The two main countries posing as liberal and democratic, England and the U.S. have been overtaken by a death cult that establishes the most sadistic regimes in other countries in order to create chaos and terror. This to them, insures war profits and allows them to continue their posturing as protectors of civilization. As long as there is a threat, they can keep the illusion alive that they are civilized, and the defenders against a barbarous world. The book doesn't try to dismiss the presence of delusional fanatics like the Nazis; it states that the Nazis and subsequent groups like them, could have been easily crushed early on by sane foreign policy, but instead were and are encouraged and nurtured to assume power, explicitly for the purpose of creating an enemy for eventual war, or for creating a state of chaos and terror in the specific country or region. It begs the question that anyone who funds and nurtures groups like the Nazis, Bolsheviks or ISIS, is in fact the same type of person.

Once people start believing in the enormous will and capacity of powerful groups to lie and deceive – and I think this is very slowly happening – then these politicians and their backers will be exposed as the haters of humanity and destroyers of human potential that they are. They were able to fool other, less powerful countries for a long time. Countries that believed their treaties and/or cynically played along, hoping to gain something, only to be used and double crossed. Now nobody trusts anything they say, not even the least developed nations. The only ones who trust them are the dictators and fanatical groups they empower, and usually, they never take orders for long.

American and western foreign policy has been and is a self congratulating farce not even worth the newsprint of its media cheerleaders, who carry on as if smart people are still listening seriously to them. Yes, they're listening, but only to see what schemes they're trying to push and to believe the opposite of what they want you to believe. Their last bastion are the groups, both liberal and conservative, of pseudo intellectuals, frauds, cowards, dupes and semi literates that depend on them for a salary, or whose life is consumed by some tangential pet issue that is manipulated by politicians to get their votes. The trade off being some relatively minor issue for a blank check to wage endless war and commit financial fraud.

Many people take comfort in the false belief that they're on the side of the good ones, who won the good war and continue to defend democracy etc. If they ever read this book and discover that the saintly Brits and Americans funded the Nazis and the Bolsheviks, I doubt they would even be able to believe it, just like they can't believe or critically analyze so many other atrocities that occur, seemingly out of nowhere, so that the Anglo American war machine can come to the rescue and protect us all from evil.

From p. 265:

“If it is true that the British stewards intrigued at Versailles to conjure a reactionary movement that would feed on radicalism and be prone to seek war in the East; if it is true that the Anglo Americans traded heavily with and offered financial support to the Nazis, continuously and deliberately from the Dawes loans of 1924 to the conspicuous credits via the Bank of International Settlements in Basle of late 1944; if it is true that the encounter in Cologne in von Schröder's manse was the decisive factor behind Hitler's appointment as Chancellor; if it true that such financial support was accorded to make Nazism an enemy target so strong as to elicit in war a devastating response – retribution that would make the Allied victory clear cut and definitive; if it is true that appeasement was a travesty since 1931; if it is true that Churchill refused deceitfully to open a western front for three years, during which the expectation was that the Germans would find themselves so hopelessly mired in the Russian bog as to make the British closing onslaught from the West as painless as possible; and if it is true that Hess brought with him to Britain plans for evacuating the Jews to the island of Madagascar, for such was the last policy pursued by the Germans before adopting the Final Solution – a plan that clearly was given no sequitor; if all the foregoing is true, then it is just to lay direct responsibility for incubating Nazism and planning World War II, and indirect responsibility for the Holocaust of the Jews, at the door of the Anglo American establishment.” 074532181X I was skeptical at first buying this book as the author has a PhD in Political Economy and Economic History and I figured that he was 'brainwashed' by the system. I was wrong.

First of all the title of the book is a little misleading, Conjuring Hitler. There is very little about Hitler in the book, a paragraph here and there until near the end of the book. Contrast this to Montagu Norman, (past governor of the bank of England in the City of London Corporation) the author writes several pages about him.

This book traces the history of Germany from before WWI, between WWI and WWII and WWII with an eye on the behind the scenes of the financing and re armament of Germany. The treaty of Versailles and the Dawes plan are also covered. The author, Guido Giacomo Preparata does a skillful job at following the money trail to the Anglo American oligarchy who use the worlds banking system (he calls it the 'Grid') to create wars and mold future events for their liking, basically Perfidious Albion using balance of power and divide & conquer to continue the 'hidden' British Empire.

Conjuring Hitler should be read by all historians and conspiracy buffs as Guido Giacomo Preparata does a masterful job proving that 'Britain and America made the Third Reich'. 074532181X Some of the link between Nazism and the Anglo American corporate elite, showing that Hitler's rise to power must be considered in the wider context and not just as a German phenomenon. 074532181X In this formidable, courageous and deep delving book, based on a massive bibliography, G.G. Preparata unveils the secret history of the Third Reich as one chapter in the manipulation of political phenomena by a world elite, an oligarchy, which craves to consolidate and to expand its power base (its Anglo American empire). This elite is formed by dynasts from the banking houses, the executive aristocracy and the officer caste. `They co opt the middle class to use it as a filter between themselves and their cannon fodder (the commoners).' They continue to rule today in our Western `sham' democracies.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the British Empire feared the formation of a Eurasian bulwark through an alliance between Germany and Russia. Therefore, `the Anglo Saxon elites tampered with German politics with the conscious intent to obtain a reactionary movement, which they could then set up as a pawn for their geopolitical intrigues.' They `created the conditions under which Nazism could appear, supported it financially and armed it to the teeth with the prospect of manipulating it.'
They continued to delude the Nazis with a prospect of an alliance in order to redirect them towards Russia. Their plan succeeded, but at the cost of millions of lives.

The British establishment was also helped in its design by the USSR, because Stalin `was convinced that the road to a Soviet Germany lay through Hitler.' Moscow sought to prevent by all means the formation of a solid proletarian party in Germany, calling the SPD `Social Fascists'.

This bitter book is a formidable bone to gnaw at for any `respected' historian. But, where are their responses? As official chroniclers and mouthpieces of the powers in charge, they remain silent and gagged.

This book is a must read for all those interested in the history of mankind and for all those who want to understand the world we live in. 074532181X

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