A Matter of Temptation (Lost Lords, #2) By Lorraine Heath

This was an interesting story, with two nice leading characters. And also a evil brother . 9780060749767 This was actually more like a 3.75 for me. But I think it's more a matter of personal taste.

First the plot. Robert Hawthorne has been incarcerated in virtual isolation and total anonymity for eight years while his twin brother, John, assumed Robert's role as the Duke of Killingsworth ... as Robert. Sending letters back to himself from America from his brother, Not-Robert AKA John, has managed to make everyone believe his ruse.

Robert manages to escape after eight long years and returns to take his place. Fearing a return to the 'new prison system' if he's discovered -- since it will be only his word against the guy who has had all of the ton believing he's the Duke for eight years -- Robert sends his brother back to the prison (with the dishonest warder who'd collaborated in Robert's incarceration) in his place rather than trying to make his case right away. He's a bit discombobulated, which is understandable. I'm discombobulated just trying to explain it, which makes Heath's abilities that much more impressive.

So, Robert wakes up the next morning in a nice, soft bed with clean sheets only to find out it's his wedding day. Holy moly!. Oh well, he assumes it's a typical arranged marriage and goes through with it, only to find he's wed a lovely girl who seems to have stars in her eyes over him ... or his brother ... who was him when he asked her to marry him ...

It's all very understandable in the book, though, and Robert's dilemma is pretty clear. Except that he's feeling much more kindly toward John than I think is believable. He wants to find a way to prove his identity while not touching his new bride so she can eventually go to John, whom Robert believes she loves. Meanwhile Torie and the real Robert are falling in love with each other. She barely did know John/Robert after all, even though she liked him and had anticipated a lovely marriage, but there was no actual love involved in their courtship.

I did think, right away, of a few ways Robert could prove his identity, which was a bit annoying since he couldn't come up with anything and it kind of went on and on. In fact, we got fully through 60% of the book and nobody else knew his story. Which is where my grumble comes in. Because he was the only person who knew his problem, there was a lot of introspection going on. And since he was trying not to give himself away, Torie's part was mostly isolated as well. I'm kind of an action/dialogue girl, and that's why I say my problems with the book most likely have more to do with my taste than with any real gripe about Heath.

As always, her writing is engrossing. The characters are interesting. The chemistry works. But I felt throughout that things really couldn't happen until SOMEBODY knew his secret and I feel I was right. When someone figures it out, things really do start to take off. But that's after 60% of the book is gone.

The ending is quite nice and the couple is lovely. I don't know if they appear in any other stories, but I'd like to know more than the epilogue told me about their ongoing life and what happens with John. Like Robert, I never understood why John hadn't just killed him.

So, Heath comes through in the end, but I would have preferred 'sunlight' earlier and a more thorough resolution. But the characters and romance are good, as one can expect in a Heath novel, and there are a couple of laughs as well -- even with the sometimes dark subject matter. 9780060749767 No es la serie del año, pero a mí me está gustando. La pluma de la autora hace que las historias, aunque con tramas bastante sencillas, tengan un toque de originalidad y unos personajes que hacen que la historia prácticamente la haya leído sola y en apenas un día.

En esta ocasión los personajes no guardan ninguna relación con los del primer libro y mucho menos con los del segundo, pero aún así, ha tenido una trama bastante original en una novela de este tipo

Al más puro estilo de El hombre de la máscara de hierro, nos encontramos con dos hermanos gemelos; uno bueno y uno malo que harán que Victoria, se encuentre envuelta en una venganza que hará que se case con el hombre que no es su prometido, pero que será su alma gemela.
El romance ha sido bonito, Robert es un amor y todas sus escenas con Victoria han sido muy dulces y a la vez desgarradoras, porque no se cree merecedor de ninguna migaja de un cariño que él no considera suyo.

Pero la historia no es perfecta,cierta situación que implica a John, el gemelo malo se ha arreglado muy fácilmente y tanto Robert como Victoria han sido demasiado buenos y la trama no avanza mucho hasta casi más de la mitad del libro, por lo que a veces resultaba un poco plano. Aún así, es una historia bonita, con un romance muy dulce y con un poco de acción e intriga.

Ahora a leer el tercero y último de la serie. 9780060749767 Robert Hawthorne, duque de Killingsworth ha huido de la prisión en la que su hermano gemelo lo ha mantenido durante ocho largos años. Con ansias de venganza y de ocupar el lugar que le corresponde, busca la mejor forma de poner todo en su lugar, con lo que no cuenta es en su boda inminente con Victoria Lambert (la prometida que escogió John). Tendrá que mantener alejados sus sentimientos por esa bella mujer y pensar en la mejor manera de dar a conocer su verdad.

Lorraine Heath se inspiró para esta segunda novela de “Los lores perdidos” en el personaje de “El hombre de la máscara de hierro”. Nuestro protagonista es Robert Hawthorne, el duque de Killingsworth que ha pasado ocho años de su vida encarcelado por su hermano John, que ha usurpado su lugar. Él es el verdadero duque y quiere recuperar su libertad y su posición y esclarecer los motivos por los que su hermano cometió tal acto. Poco a poco iremos descubriendo al personaje tan complejo de Robert, pese a su cautiverio no le mueve una implacable venganza, aún cree en la redención y sigue teniendo sentimientos por su hermano, algo de alabar teniendo en cuenta lo que le hizo.

Robert se muestra cauto con Victoria, respeta a la mujer que escogió John y se enfrenta a sus propias pasiones, a los sentimientos que le despierta una mujer bella, inteligente, dulce y a la vez pícara. Todo ello mientras traza un plan en el que poder demostrar quién es y mantener a su hermano a raya.

Robert ha sido... https://oceanodelibros.blogspot.com/2... 9780060749767 Robert Hawthorne, Duke of Killingsworth, escapes the prison his twin brother has had him locked up in for the last 8 years on the eve of the Duke's wedding to Victoria Lambert. He goes ahead and marries her otherwise this would be a very short book. Then there's ~tension because he won't get his dick out and she wants his dick out. Also the whole reclaiming his identity thing or whatever.

1. The writing just did not work for me. It's so very ... soft. Miles of introspection; lots of telling; very little verve. It wandered. Hither and thither and without much force to it. Just not something I liked.

2. The whole my twin stole my identity for EIGHT YEARS was very...untraumatic for Robert. He was more worried about going to bed with Torie instead of his brother's perfidy, the likelihood of going back to prison, none of it.

2. In fact, the whole EIGHT YEARS in prison thing was straight ignored once Robert escaped. Like, he has no lingering effects of being kept in isolation for EIGHT YEARS. He's healthy; he's strong; he's fine except he's slightly pale OH NO. I mean, the description is pretty much straight psychological torment but it's handwaved away because that doesn't make any sense in the scope of the romance. Robert's just A-OK, ready to have sex now!!

4. Also, allegedly Robert's a virgin but he's VERY GOOD AT IT because he's been imagining it for EIGHT YEARS so. Take that with however many grains of salt you need to make it tolerable.


For years, Robert Hawthorne, the Duke of Killingsworth, was kept a prisoner by his scheming twin brother. A daring escape turns the tables and restores his birthright to him, without anyone the wiser. He can finally enjoy everything that was stolen from him. But on his first day of freedom Robert must take in wedlock a woman he has never met . . . and keep his distance to prevent her from learning the truth of his identity, until he can determine how to prove he is the rightful duke.

Victoria Lambert knows she must marry Robert--after all, as her mother always reminds her, he is the catch of the season and she'll become a duchess! True, she does not love him, but it is her duty to marry well. But a much-altered Robert stands beside her on their wedding day . . . a man somehow more considerate and charming than ever before . . . and so sensuously alluring that Torie is determined to be a temptation her husband can't resist! A Matter of Temptation (Lost Lords, #2)

3.5 stars. Mostly enjoyable story, but I felt like both the hero and heroine didn’t bother to use their brains for good chunks of it. Also, this is a little more insta-lovey than my personal preference. The hero mostly seemed to like the heroine for her looks and because he had a constant boner after being locked away for 8 years.

If you’re going to read this, get ready to suspend your disbelief because there’s a lot here that is not at all believable.

Safe; both virgins, no ow drama, some om drama from hero’s twin brother, no scenes with om/ow, no cheating. 9780060749767 Ik heb de Nederlands talige uitgave gelezen : De onwetende bruid - Candlelight Historische roman 794
Het verhaal idee is interessant en doet een beetje denken aan de man met het ijzeren masker . Helaas was het verhaal niet zo onderhoudend als ik verwacht had en dat komt voornamelijk door de verteltrant van L.H. die lijkt mij niet zo te liggen - dit is nu het 4e boek wat ik van haar gelezen heb en ik ben over geen van deze 4 echt enthousiast . 9780060749767 This book had two major flaws: the writing and the central conflict.

The writing had way to much telling and too little showing. Sometimes the author would even lead up to a scene and then cut away from the significant event to have a character think back on it instead.
Other times, buried in middle of the infernal internal musings suddenly we would be having breakfast. There were no sense of time and place in the constant introspection, so suddenly I would be in a scene and not know how I got there. This also made it difficult to connect to the story, because I wasn't actually there. Even at the climactic confrontation with the villain Instead, it was pages and pages of the characters thinking.

And what they thought about was boring. The central conflict of this story - which has twins exchanging place, a devious betrayal, a husband deceiving his wife, a tormented hero - is whether or not they are having sex. To boink or not to boink. That's it.
Even after the everything is revealed at the end, what does the heroine worry about? That the hero is no longer boinking her. Argh! Her husband has lied to her about some very salient facts and all she is worried about that he has stopped boinking her.
And the hero - who has been locked away under horrible conditions for eight years - he shows absolutely no effects of the trauma. Although he does think about it a lot. Long, long pages of introspection. But no actual conflict between the hero and heroine comes from this fact. No, he just wants to boink her.

And since the book is about twins in the epilogue we of course get... triplets!

This author has written some amazing books, but here she committed some very basic mistakes. Despite good prose and the fact that I actually finished the book, it still only gets one star. Consistently violating the number one rule in writing - show, don't tell - deserves no more. 9780060749767 This book, A Matter of Temptation, is inspired by The Man in the Iron Mask.

For years, Robert, the Duke of Killingsworth has been imprisoned. His twin brother, John, had him drugged and placed in the prison. It's not for a couple of weeks after Robert's locked up that he finds out that John did the deed.

Eight years later he escapes and sends his brother back to the prison.

Robert is planning how to spend his day. That plan includes wine, good food, a BATH and finding a woman. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that it's his wedding day! He dithers a bit, should he let the wedding go forward? Why not, since most marriages are only to further the name and to get heirs and to climb the social ladder. Surely the bride can't be in it for love, right?

Well, the bride, Torie, is in it for like at least. He is blown away by his new wife's smile.

Torie finds her new husband to be different that when they were courting, but it's different in a good way, she thinks. He blows rather hot and cold and she is continually left wondering just what he thinks and how he feels about her.

I enjoyed how these two learn about each other. And a virgin hero? Yes, I liked it!

Then the other shoe falls, as we knew it would. Because if Robert could escape from the prison, you know that John can, too.

Lots of great moments in this one. Had me clicking through on my kindle just as fast as I could! 9780060749767 Sin duda leeré más libros de esta autora. Su prosa me ha enamorado, tanto como sus personajes y su historia de amor. Recomendada. 9780060749767

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