A Main, a Grain, a Side a Salad: A simple formula for the evening meal By Hannah Geller Goldsmith



Easy one-course meals in one hour or less
A Main, a Grain a Side and a Salad is more than an anthology of tempting recipes. It's the backbone for assembling any meal, any time. With an arsenal of basic cooking methods, ingredients, sauces, condiments and proposed menus, your system is in place for creating both weekday meals and celebratory feasts. Each recipe has its own standalone flavor base, but the techniques required to execute each dish have been kept as simple as possible, so you can quickly master the preparation/cooking/timing method for success without simultaneously fighting for stovetop and oven space.

This book aims to encourage you to be confident and creative in the kitchen, enjoying the experience of assembling a meal for as few as one - and for as many as your home can handle. Through cooking this way, you will find your happy place in the kitchen; a place you feel relaxed and where you can revel in the experience of eating and creating memories.

Welcome to our world of a main a, grain, a side and a salad. Remember: keep it simple, enjoy the process, pack in the flavors and share it with those you love.

A Main, a Grain, a Side a Salad: A simple formula for the evening meal