A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively. Date Intentionally. Love Faithfully. eBook : Roloff, Jeremy, Roloff, Audrey By Jeremy Roloff

You need this book. This book is amazing. I couldn't stop reading it. This book is full of highs and lows but also great advice. It is relevant to a single, engaged, dating or married person. Such a good read! They really laid it all out and opened up about their life. Jeremy Roloff *The star rating reflects my thoughts on the writing style of the story. I do not rate personal stories. It is their story, not mine and I do not believe it can be given a star rating.*I have followed Jeremy and Audrey's story for quite some time. I have watched Little People Big World for as long as I can remember. Therefore, it was only natural that I followed the stars of the show on social media. It was there that I really started to follow Jeremy and Audrey's journey through Beating 50 Percent and Always More. When they announced they were writing a book, I was interested but skeptical. I will be the first to say that religion is not the center of my life. It is not to say I do not have my own godly beliefs, it's just to say it is not my driving force. Because I followed this couple for so long, I knew religion was their driving force and I was skeptical that their book would make me feel as though I was a horrible person because I didn't have their strong views.But, I am happy to announce, I was wrong.Jeremy and Audrey created a story that felt as though you were reading to a story from an old friend. They shared their trails and successes throughout their relationship all while being honest. They shared that it was not easy and that they were not perfect people. But, they also show you how they solved these challenges as a team and how you can change yourself and work towards being a better you. Religion is mentioned in their love story, but it was done with so much class and simplicity. I found myself connecting with bible verses they referred to and thinking about how they apply to my life. My favorite part of the book was the systems they used to help understand themselves and others. This is the part of the story ANYONE can take something from. They spoke about The 5 Love Languages, Enneagrams, sharing each other's passions or dislikes, and several other systems that can help support your understanding of others and yourself. Overall, I believe this is a must read for those who are on the journey of love but, also if you are trying to discover how you want your life story to be written. Jeremy Roloff Soy mexicana y muchos mexicanos somos escépticos hacia historias y lecturas de amor pero también tenemos visiones muy amplias. Es decir que piensas que weba otra historia de amor taaan predecible, ridícula y aburrida, sin embargo desde las primeras 50 páginas vas descubriendo que no es así, éstos chicos tienen claro que la definición de amor comienza por cuantafuerza de fe tienes en Dios y que todo es por él. Son muchas cosas sin embargo sólo escribí un ejemplo, si escribiera una gran reseña sobre esto PF sería más enorme. EN FIN ME ENCANTA Jeremy Roloff This book is a fabulous guide for young people entering the world of dating. It should be mandatory reading. The writing style was easy to follow and great to have the perspective of both Audrey and Jeremy. Thank you for sharing your love story and for being open and Jeremy Roloff This book though. Have you ever questioned your relationship? Have you ever thought about your love story? After reading 3 chapters of the story I can now say my love story is perfect, something I kinda laughed at before. The couple shows vulnerability, closure and love Jeremy Roloff


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A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively. Date Intentionally. Love Faithfully. eBook : Roloff, Jeremy, Roloff, Audrey: : Kindle Store A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively. Date Intentionally. Love Faithfully. eBook : Roloff, Jeremy, Roloff, Audrey

If you’re looking for a book that gives you ALL the feels, this is it. Seriously. I laughed, I cried, I was all “No Auj, DONT DO IT😭” and “WHEW😰” I held my breath a few times, and my heart hurt with them as they openly and honestly shared their journey. These two share Jeremy Roloff I loved reading this book, I want to incorporate some of the ideas about being intentional in your pursuit of your partner into my own relationship to really be able to take an already great love to the next level. Jeremy Roloff So first of all I just have to say WELL DONE! I have been following Jeremy (from the beginning through LPBW) and Audrey for ages. I’d also like to state I do not have a strong faith and this book still hit home and was wonderful. This book is heart felt and down to earth. Jeremy Roloff I absolutely loved this book! It is so inspirational and eye opening. Audrey and Jeremy have such amazing insight on love, marriage, intentionality and faith that is woven together in the most creative way possible. This book is so amazing and everyone who wants to create Jeremy Roloff This was an amazing book. Very relatable and great ideas for personal and relationship use. I have been following on along with the Roloff's since the beginning. I loved reading Audrey's blog before they had their two children, and really enjoyed this book. Enjoyed their Jeremy Roloff