A History of Modern France By Jeremy D. Popkin

A History of Modern France offers a framework to understand modern French history through a survey of the dramatic events that have punctuated its history from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Covering events such as the French Revolution, the two World Wars and the recent election of Emmanuel Macron and the yellow vest movement, the book takes a balanced approach to the competing interpretations of modern France inspired by its history. This edition has been thoroughly updated to incorporate the most recent scholarship on topics including French imperial history and the empire’s postcolonial legacy, the history of women and gender, and the French experience of World War I. A new section extends the narrative into mid 2019, and additional emphasis has been given to the role of historical memory in the making of French identity. Taking a chronological approach, the book is approachable for students and provides a clear and understandable picture of the history of modern France.

Supported by further reading that has been updated to include the most recent publications, the book is the ideal introduction to the history of modern France for students of this fascinating country.

A History of Modern France


Jeremy D. Popkin  4 Summary

I purchased a copy of the fourth edition at a greatly reduced price to see if this newest edition would be worth the very high price placed on it. In my opinion, this book is very overpriced at over $100. While I have not yet found a better general history of modern 1138557196