A Cloud by Day, a Fire by Night: Finding and following the Gods will for you (AW Tozer Series Book 4) By A.W. Tozer


An important theme in A.W. Tozers ministry was the subject of Gods will for each of our lives. He wrestled with it from the time he was a new Christian until the day he passed into eternity. Throughout A Cloud by Day, A Fire by Night he discusses the battles Christians face almost every day. He frames these battles as taking place in Canaan, as he calls it the land of promise where we are living today. Tozer could look at something so negative and find positives from a spiritual point of view.

So much in life can bring us to that point of discouragement where all we want to do is quit, especially when Gods will for us is unclear. This book is about than finding Gods will for your next step or decision in lifeit is about following His will to the end. With only our human resources, following God would be impossible. But when we cross that line into the deeper life, we enter into the grace of God that enables us to do His will.

About the Author:

Aiden Wilson Tozer was an American evangelical pastor, speaker, writer, and editor. After coming to Christ at the age of seventeen, Tozer found his way into the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination where he served for over forty years. In 1950, he was appointed by the denominations General Council to be the editor of The Alliance Witness.

Born into poverty in western Pennsylvania in 1897, Tozer died in May 1963 a self educated man who had taught himself what he missed in high school and college due to his home situation. Though he wrote many books, two of them, The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy are widely considered to be classics. A Cloud by Day, a Fire by Night: Finding and following the Gods will for you (AW Tozer Series Book 4)

He writes with so much wisdom and insight. He gives Truth, explains how it applies to me, then gives me the Word to help me with the application of that Truth. Roman My thoughts on Tozer. In my reading of A Cloud by Day, a Fire by Night: Finding and Following God's Will for You:

i was refreshed to hear a convicting message in my heart. The message conveyed by this book showed my need for Messiah. I was not as well off as i thought i was in Messiah. It is this message for me that keeps my eyes on Messiah. If you read this book slowly you will see many messages relevant for our time. If you buy this book, i pray it helps you as it is helping me. Oh i don't mean the book itself, but the message of the book which is Spirit inspired. Roman First off I enjoy Tozers stuff, and really caught fire in my mid 20s because of The Pursuit of God and Knowledge of the Holy. He wrote so many timeless and truth bearing, gospel focused, Christ exalting books that are a help to many of us.

As I understand it, A Cloud By Day wasn't a book Tozer wrote himself but a post mortem compilation of a sermon series. And just kind of reads that way. There's not a great flow between chapters, it doesn't raise an idea and present counter ideas or other literary functions. I read over half of it and it's just kind of flat in my opinion.

Go read the other 4 5 best sellers by Tozer and I think you'll be much challenged in your faith. If you want a sermon series I'd rather listen to something current by my local church than read a book that's like 10 minute fragments of several sermons.

Grateful for Tozer and God's work in him, this just isn't the best book. Roman Literally read this from cover to cover as I sat in my selfish ambition and inferiority complex; yes both at the same time! I realized I was not able to go anywhere; I was stuck because I was trying to lead! I knew I was incapable, but had to go somewhere! God led me to this book! God knows I’m only worthy where He calls me! What a wonderfully honest and real book! Roman Great book. One of my favorite authors. Roman


Another amazing book from Tozer he never disappoints and is one of the most consistent and powerful authors I have read. Candid, fiery and filled with the Spirit. Roman I gave this 5 stars because you could read and sense the passion Tozer has for God. He is clear and concise. A very simple read and a great way to get out of the spiritual slump. Out of the wandering wilderness in your spiritual journey and into the promised land. This is great for new believers and mature Christians as well. A great devotional book to get your day started with 5 to 10 minute reads each chapter. Roman Good devotionals based on the book of Exodus. Tozer's powerful style and call to holy living is evident in each chapter. Roman An interesting read. I need to re read this book as some of the things Mr. Tozier says goes against some of the teachings I have had put before me as of late. Especially how some of the promises God gave to Israel pertains to Christians today. Roman