Penguin Modern Classics: A Clockwork Orange (Restored Edition): Anthony Burgess : Burgess, Anthony By Anthony Burgess

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In Anthony Burgess's nightmare (ultra violent) depiction of the future, where criminals take over after dark, the story is told by the central character/protagonist, Alex, who talks in a brutal invented slang (Nadsat, a fictional register or argot, a form of Russian influenced English) that brilliantly renders his and his friends' social pathology. A Clockwork Orange is a frightening fable about good and evil, and the meaning of human freedom.The use of Nadsat can be relatively confusing for the reader, however, you slowly begin to understand the terminology while progressing through the novel. This is an interesting tool as it acts as a buffer for the reader, protecting them from the horror initially and then opening up and divulging the gritty details as the plot develops. 352 pages This is the penguin restored edition. First off, it looks and feels good (paper quality feels marginally better than most). The main selling point is this book has lots of 'extras' at the back, including various commentary works on the book, and helpfully some notes on the text and a nasat glossary.The story itself is remarkably true to the film (ok I know the book came first but the film was what made it iconic). The nadsat isn't tricky, you can still understand what's going on even if you don't understand particular words (and if that bothers you check the glossary) and gives a unique flavour to the book. The last chapter is wellit divides people. I personally think it's better without but Burgess did write it so it does belong as part of the book. An interesting read for fans of the film and generally literature for it's nadsat language. 352 pages Having only ever watched the film, I had always thought that the book wouldn't be worth reading. I remember someone asking whether I had read the book and I suppose that eventually lead me to buying it. I'm not a huge reader but I do enjoy some fictional works. I can happily say that I have no regrets in deciding to give the book a go. I was surprised that it's actually very graphic, I had thought that the film had been spiced up a little bit by Kubrick perhaps it was in some areas but the film does omit some events (including the reason for the title). To me this story has everything. It isn't just a tale of mindlessness, it is a comment on youth and free will, with a bit of oddness thrown in. I have no trouble with saying that this is my favourite book ever. 352 pages This book is incredible. The themes of the story are still as relevant as they were then. Ethics, morality, choice, are still important topics that are discussed regularly throughout life. I'm aware of the controversial nature of this book due to the violence that takes place but after reading it, I can't help but wonder if part of the reason it was banned was due to the probably (sadly and worryingly) quite accurate depiction of governments. This is a very thought provoking read. The only thing that stopped this from being a 5 star review, was because I really didn't like the ending in the edition I read, which had the famous missing last chapter that isn't in a lot of other editions and, I must say, I wish that chapter had remained missing. I thought it brought down the intelligence and grit of the rest of the book. 352 pages Arrived quickly and in brilliant condition. Well made with a robust spine and no misprints or stains on any page or creases on any cover.Burgess should take great pride in A Clockwork Orange as the novel is a unique assessment of law and order through the chaotic life of its titular character.A short but sweet effort ACO encompasses a multitude of horrors in its 141 pages but the childish writing softens the blow here. The slang the book is written in is easy to decipher and the reader is quickly able to read between the lines and get to the heart of the novel, when this is done, you have an achievement, balancing comedy and horror in the perfect blend and despite Kubrick adapting this to a phenomenal motion picture, in this case, once again, the book remains superior to the film. 352 pages


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