A Cat for Christmas (Spinster Mail-Order Brides, #31) By Elissa Strati

They made a pact to wed, if both were still single when he turned 35, then Ignatius left for the California gold fields. They wrote, but her letters had to chase him and neither was sure they got through. When he learned from his sister that she'd become engaged, he sent a last letter of congratulations and concentrated on making his fortune.

And then he learned Catherine was still a spinster. Would she still want him? A Cat for Christmas (Spinster Mail-Order Brides, #31)


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Loved it

This story wraps up several years and so many various characters in a fun Christmas package. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I once traveled from Oklahoma to Illinois with a solid white car in a station wagon. I could imagine the long voyage with a cat along easily from my own adventure. 118 💜💜💜 118 Cat and Nate

This story is very well written and was an epic tale told quickly. Though told over several years the detail was not slighted. Great characters. 118 Wonderful story

Nate- and Catherine/Cat-
I enjoyed reading this engaging story that takes one on a journey starting on how they met there own separate lives and finally reconnecting and a loving HEA! 118