A Bounty Huntress for the Sheriff By Rita Wethers

Was a good day turned bad

We were going to go get seeds for planting and already talking about the harvest, when dad left outside with horses......everything went wrong A Bounty Huntress for the Sheriff A good book. Even though I was given a copy of this book by the author, it in no way influenced my opinion and this is my honest review. A Bounty Huntress for the Sheriff Good book. A Bounty Huntress for the Sheriff

What happens when the wildest adventure comes with the promise of love?

Beatrice Poole is a strong young woman looking to avenge her father’s death. Hunting for the bounty on the killer’s head, she will soon have the law, the outlaws, and a number of dangerous people on her trail. But she never expected to stumble upon a man that would make her heartbeat for something other than revenge for the first time in years.

Abe Reese was the proud sheriff of Silverton, California. When his wife is taken away from him as repercussions for his law enforcement, he will grow determined to bring those killers behind bars. Hunting a legendary bounty, he is forced to move around and this is when he meets the feisty Beatrice, who is about to change his life forever.

When these two sides of the same coin eventually collide, a bundle of misunderstandings, emotions, and hidden motives will explode and make their hunt so much more interesting, and even more dangerous...

Can Beatrice and Abe see beyond their deadly mission and recognize the signs of love staring at them in the eye? A Bounty Huntress for the Sheriff


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