500 Self-Portraits By Julian Bell

An excellent teaching tool for use with any age! I have a renewed faith in many popular artists because of this book, and I think it's simply because I now know them to be more fearless, more honest. Self-depiction is so, so important! I especially love the idea that many of these artists likely didn't create these portraits for the public, but rather as ways to see themselves more clearly. Compelling! 0714843849 This book would get a higher rating from me if it had some explanatory text, but it still is nonetheless interesting. 0714843849 beautiful 0714843849 A very nice book but could have been better with a little more contextual information. 0714843849 This book wants authority it does not possess and has too many inconsistencies for such an un-wordy book.
The introduction speaks of the artist's relationship with death and how artists bravely document themselves honestly. This is contradicted with the inclusion of Iorenz Strauch's Self-portrait at the Age of Sixty. Where he looks astonishingly young for that age at the time. This book tries to allude to a sense of anonymity and objectivity in the introduction and cover that it mostly fails. It is drenched in influences from the Canon. There are multiple entries from the same artist here making even less room for people of colour or womxn. And I must imagine that the book this is based on was similarly exclusive, so why did someone want to come back to this flawed premise? The title suggests just a random or less restricted selection as does the organization of the works. Which appear to have been organized in an order I am not familiar with. But I don't understand why the work isn't more upfront about the clear biases of it's creators. 0714843849

It is exactly as titled. I'd've given five stars if only a bit more info had been given on each self-portrait. But it is a quality book. 0714843849 Very nice volume of self-portraits with adequate information to launch a search for further information if so wanted. 0714843849 Its a wonderful book to study style. I have bern using it for years for inspiration 0714843849 The best. 0714843849

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A new version of Phaidon classic published in 1937, this evocative and fascinating book presents 500 of the world's greatest self portraits, arranged in a simple chronological sequence from ancient time to the late 20th century. 500 Self-Portraits