5 Steps to A 5 AP Biology 2018: Cross-Platform Prep Course, Elite Student Edition By Mark Anestis

Mark Anestis Õ 4 Summary

I think this is a great review book. It gives you some basic diagnostic questions and some helps to review. It then goes into the major areas of study with review questions. The end of the book is made up of daily questions to help ready you for the test. This book would not be in lieu of the test, it would simply be in addition to regular course work, as a study help.I am not positive, but it seems the only difference between this and the regular book is the new 5 minutes to a 5 section. I would choose this one over the other one. Also, the practice exams are 2 in the book and 2 online. I would print the ones online, as they seem to have a way of losing access over time. Just print them and tuck them in the book. I haven't done that yet, but it is our plan. et 1 de plus , Broché Edit: had to reduce the stars as there was some information in it that wasn't correct. This was corroborated by the teacher and multiple other sources. Disturbing as kids rely on these books for correct information for their exams.According to the student, it is a great resource and study guide. Very easy to understand and well organized. Was specifically recommended by the teacher. My high schooler says that it is a great study tool and the practice exams are excellent. et 1 de plus , Broché Excellent resource to teach and study for the AP Bio test. et 1 de plus , Broché My Son is not yet in AP bio but I have been having him read this book to give him a primer before the actual course. The topics have been yield and fairly easy to follow. He has not yet done the online questions but the included tests were relevant and seem like they are appropriate for the covered material. The book also has sections on test taking and preparation which he found helpful. Overall considering the depth covered and the ease of reading, this is an excellent product that should be helpful for most students sitting for the AP biology exam. et 1 de plus , Broché This study guide is a comprehensive review to get ready for the AP Biology exam. It's organized into five steps, the first covering information about the test and how to set up a study plan given the time that you have. It has suggestions for if you are studying for a year or cramming in the weeks beforehand. The second step is to take a diagnostic exam. This will help you understand what your strong and weak areas are and you will know better where to focus your review. Step 3 has test taking strategies that will help you move through the test quickly and have your best chance of selecting the correct answer, even if you are not completely sure. Step 4 has a lot of review material in 15 chapters that should cover all the topics on the exam. Step 5 has two practice exams to simulate what the real test will be like. All of the questions have detailed answers and explanations. With this being the Elite edition, it also has 5 minutes to a 5. This section of the book has 180 practice questions. It's designed for you to do one per day and shouldn't take you than a few minutes. In short snippets like this, it is easy to get a little studying in during small breaks in your day. Using this book in the time leading up to the exam should have you well prepared. et 1 de plus , Broché

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