2001 between Kubrick and Clarke: The Genesis, Making and Authorship of a Masterpiece By Filippo Ulivieri


Ho un amico appassionato di fantascienza e cinema: ama il film di Kubrick e il libro di Clarke da cui è tratto, quindi, è l'utente ideale per questo libro.Come potete leggere dalla sinossi, ci si concentra più sul film, la sua genesi e in particolare come i due autori (Kubrick e Clarke) abbiano interagito tra loro.Un ottimo saggio che ogni appassionato di Kubrick dovrebbe leggere. 181 pages Ulivieri e Odino, due saggi che raccontano due Maestri 181 pages The authors gathered an amazing amount of information on the development of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clarke's project. The stories and the evidence take you on the journey of how the idea came to be, the collaboration between the famous writer and the great director. The stories behind what we already know really open your eyes. A must read for fans, scholars and film lovers. 181 pages Filippo Ulivieri’s and Simone Odino’s “2001 between Kubrick and Clarke” is a fascinating and unique addition to the already vast literature on “2001: A Space Odyssey”.Where this book is distinguished is in the plethora of information and fresh insights into the film’s earliest conception and the gradual development of the various strands that finally coalesced into the finished film.Odino in “God, it’ll be hard topping the H bomb” presents new fascinating background information that, to my knowledge, has not been particularly covered before in the literature.Ulivieri in “Stanley Kubrick’s space race” has compiled the most exhaustive and comprehensive chronology of the production ever printed. From Kubrick’s 17 February 1964 meeting with Roger Caras to 1 May 1968 and beyond the infinite!“A wonderful experience streaked with agony” is the best analysis of the often fraught, frequently difficult but always intellectually boundary pushing relationship between them. The respect and mutual admiration between the two always seems to surpass the disagreements.In summary, a joy to read and indispensable to anyone interested in Kubrick and this movie. It reveals a host of details that I wasn’t aware of and is written with a deftness of touch, fluidity and unpretentious style that is a credit to the two authors. 181 pages Per chi è appassionato di cinema d'autore e in particolare del regista S. Kubrick, questo testo non deve mancare alla collezione :) 181 pages

The story of how '2001: A Space Odyssey' came to be made is in many ways as epic as the events portrayed in the film itself—and until now, just as mysterious. In 1964, with 'Dr. Strangelove' ready for release, Stanley Kubrick was uncertain about what his next project would be, and considered making a film dealing with several contemporary themes. It was only when he encountered Arthur C. Clarke that he decided to make a science fiction film. Yet it took than four years for '2001: A Space Odyssey' to reach the screen—a productive and creative odyssey that involved experimentation, last minute rethinks, strokes of genius, quarrels, ultimatums, feats of will, and mental breakdowns. Drawing extensively from never before seen material, including production documents and private correspondences, '2001 between Kubrick and Clarke' gives for the first time a complete account of the two authors’ creative collaboration; one which casts lights on their on again, off again relationship, as well as revealing new information about the genesis, production, and reception of the first and most important film about space, the origin of humankind and its destiny among the stars. 2001 between Kubrick and Clarke: The Genesis, Making and Authorship of a Masterpiece

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