1000 Record Covers By Michael Ochs

Record covers are a sign of our life and times. Like the music on the discs, they address such issues as love, life, death, fashion, and rebellion. For music fans the covers are the expression of a period, of a particular time in their lives. Many are works of art and have become as famous as the music they stand for Andy Warhol's covers, for example, including the banana he designed for The Velvet Underground. 1000 Record Covers

I don't know if there was a full size coffee table edition of 1000 Record Covers produced. This is an undersized book but the reproduction of the album covers will bring back the excitement and creativity of each of the eras 1950's, 60's,70's, 80's and 1990's. 3822819786 Un disco oramai quasi introvabile, 1000 splendide copertine con spiegazioni esaustive 3822819786 Klasse Sammlung 3822819786 Great book would highly recommend the seller. 3822819786 Bon livre sur les arts covers mais relativement peu de commentaires sur le contexte de l'album (graphique / Historique) 4 étoiles! 3822819786

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An interesting book, though this particular edition has text in three different languages, which is a tad annoying. There are some great pictures of a nearly lost art form here. Quite a few iconic album covers are NOT in the book, which is rather disappointing. It also 3822819786 Great book. Fun information and pictures. 3822819786 Great!! 3822819786 This was portrayed as a coffee table book with high quality images. It is not. It is very small 5.5 x 8, and the images are so small that you cannot fully appreciate the artwork.Disappointing :( 3822819786 As soon as I saw this title, I plonked it onto my wish list, as it combines two of my main passions (music and design). But after flipping through a copy, I had to remove it from my list maybe if rents plummet and I can afford space for bookshelves it'll make 3822819786