100 Grumpy Animals By Beast Flaps

100 Grumpy Animals : Flaps, Beast: : Boeken 100 Grumpy Animals

Summary 100 Grumpy Animals

Great Christmas present for a person with humor. Some swearing, which we thought was hilarious, excellent art, and a key in the back in case you didn’t get the joke (there were a few animals I’d never heard of). This book currently lives on the coffee table where it is admired frequently 100 Grumpy Animals Much of it definitely NOT funny. 100 Grumpy Animals Sehr lustig , mehr für die Eltern als fürs Kind. 100 Grumpy Animals Bought this as a gift. I knew before buying that the content is spicy. Recipient is a grown adult who can turn the page if she doesn't like something. She didn't. She turned the page to see what could possibly be next. She loved it! 100 Grumpy Animals I'm going to start off by saying that this book is great. I chuckle every time I read through it.I bought this as a book to keep at the office for me and coworkers to flip through when we need a little laugh. I also figured it would be fun to number each animal so everyone could pick a number at random and see what they get. But after giving each grumpy animal a number, it only added up to 99!At first I thought I had messed up and missed something. But no, after double, triple, and quadruple checking, I did not miss anything.So the title is a LIE, there are only 99 Grumpy Animals!Still love the book. Well worth it. 5 stars. 100 Grumpy Animals