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I bought this after finding it through the 'twitterstorm' by a few people, and i'm so glad that the complaints brought me to it.It's tremendously fun, really well drawn, and the kids found it engaging and funny. There's loads of details to talk about and tonnes of detail.You can see the split in the reviews, but you can also see that everyone who actually bought the book (verified purchases) loved it.My dogs are rescues, and from 'fierce' breeds. There's nothing here that should worry anyone. The activists complaining seem to have missed that dogs don't live in outer space or pull Santa's sleigh either. Some things are just stories. 100 Dogs We own 3 books by this author but this one is my 3yos favourite, we have 3 dogs at home so he loves to compare them ❤ 100 Dogs This is a wonderful whimsical children’s book filled with rhyme and fantastic illustrations. The author has done a fabulous job of bringing out individual characters and it is a well loved read in our house and school library! 100 Dogs We won’t let the outrage culture win. 100 Dogs After seeing the hype over the scary dog on twitter and the bullying the author has received from a number of the offended by anything brigade. I decided to order the book for my little boy. Really the jokes on the haters because I probably wouldn't have seen this book if not for the hate campaign waged against the author. It's safe to say my little boy LOVED this book! He laughed all the way through and begged me to read it 3 times before I had to tell him it was bed time for real this time! It was fun, witty, engaging and hilarious. My little boy didn't see certain breeds being portrayed as scary, all he saw were traits that any dog of any breed can have. He had great fun shouting out the traits our dog has and was laughing out loud at scoot dog, fairy dog and of course sniffing at a botty dog lol. Children don't see these pictures and think that breed of dog is scary all they see is the light hearted fun as was intended. It's adults who've taken offence and it's adults who're making of this than is needed. Buy it, read it with your children and laugh along with them. You'll find it funny too. I laughed right along with my son.oh and now we've pre ordered 100 cats for our collection too. So thanks haters for pointing out a fabulous book to us we're very grateful. 100 Dogs

Loved the illustrations, the poems nature.Brilliant stuff. Not offended by anything in this book!!! 100 Dogs My 16 month old loves this book. It’s the only one that he tries to read along with as he points and says ‘dog dog dog dog’ in the same rhythms I read it. Great for the youngest of kids to start picking up on language and I’m sure he’ll start to learn new words from this book as dog has always been a favourite of his to pair it with! The hardback is such good quality for the price too, plenty of pages and very well put together. It’s a must buy in my opinion, can’t rate it enough! 100 Dogs