ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ 7 [Sōdoāto Onrain Puroguresshibu 7] (Sword Art Online: Progressive Manga, #7) By Kiseki Himura


SAO攻略組の二大ギルド、《DKB》と《ALS》の同士討ちが始まってしまった。キリトはこの混乱の主犯であるプレイヤー・モルテと対決。一方でアスナは… ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ 7 [Sōdoāto Onrain Puroguresshibu 7] (Sword Art Online: Progressive Manga, #7)

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I was wondering how far they were going to go with this series and apparently this is the last volume!! I loved it. I’d love to see even more. Japanese Kirito defending Asuna's honor is always a beautiful thing to see - even if it almost gets him killed.

The fanservice was annoying but very minimal, at least. I don't think Asuna and Kizmel have time between battles to roll around naked in a bath together. Of course, the boys leering over Kizmel's boobs is nothing new, but as long as our boy doesn't do it, I can overlook it with a eye roll. Japanese Un magnifique dernier tome pour ce premier arc ! Et toujours ces dessins qui me font rêver d'avoir un aussi bon coup de crayon manga-esque Japanese Why do I have a feeling this is the last one of the series....? Please say it isn't so! I loved this storyline! Fingers crossed that #8 will come out this year? Japanese Once again...I really like the story and the action, but the heckin' fanservice is so heckin' dumb that I'm taking away two stars. This would be a solid four-star read if we didn't have all these stupid panty shots and actual usage of the term tig bitties in this heckin' manga.

But, it's SAO. What else should I expect, really? Japanese

In Summary

Himura-sensei delivers an action-packed conclusion to the Elf Quest. Between the dynamic illustrations and mid-battle surprises, the swordfights are a thrill to behold. Fans of happy endings will also be satisfied at how the arc wraps up. It’s a little rushed toward the end, especially the pace at which third floor gets cleared, but that’s probably because another artist is taking over the series. I don’t know if it will continue as part of this series or launch as a new one, but I look forward to Shiomi Miyoshi-sensei’s version of the Progressive world.

The Review

Volume 006 was devoted to a lot of complicated set up with the Elf Quest and the newly formed guilds. Volume 007 presents the payoff in the form of three simultaneous fights: the Dragon Knights Brigade vs. the Aincrad Liberation Squad; Asuna/Kizmel vs. the Falconer; and Kirito vs. Morte. If you like action, swordplay comprises most of this volume. If it was animated (which I really wish it was), the entire contents would probably take up only two episodes.

Interestingly, the fight involving the most humans (the guild fight) gets the least attention, and Kirito’s one-on-one with the schemer who pitted the guilds against each other is arguably the most intense. Their duel is thrilling with some really exciting perspectives of the action. In addition to the players’ abilities, the fight also reveals their character. Morte is no doubt a precursor to the PK groups that would later plague Aincrad, and he’s cast in the worst possible light. Not only does he have a twisted personality and use underhanded tricks, he actually possesses reasonably powerful skills—which he prefers to use against other humans rather than game bosses. As for Kirito, Morte’s egging shows just how strongly he feels about Asuna.

Asuna’s fight also shows how strongly she feels—about Kizmel. Her affection for the NPC goes beyond common gamer sense. For Asuna, their battle against the Falconer is as much about helping Kizmel exact retribution for her sister’s death as it is completing the ”Infiltration” quest. And her devotion to the dark elf results in some surprising responses from Kizmel, which drives home the point that SAO is no ordinary game.

After all that fighting, things resolve happily all around, and even though the Elf Quest had nothing to do with beating the Third Floor Boss, the players safely complete the third level in the span of a few pages. This rushed ending is probably because a different artist, Shiomi Miyoshi, is taking over the Progressive manga starting with the fourth floor. Although Himura-sensei’s artwork has been heavy on the fanservice (even the guild members get fanservice in this volume), his depiction of the SAO world has been engaging overall, and I hope Miyoshi-sensei continues in that vein (minus the extraneous panty shots).

Extras include the first page printed in color and messages from various SAO collaborators.
Japanese This was a wonderful conclusion to the SAO Progressive story arc. Lots of action along with memorable characters makes this a great storyline. Recommended to anyone who is interested in the Sword Art Online universe. Just be sure to read the other mangas before this one. Japanese This series was really fun! Having it from her point of view was great! I never caught on to how insecure she was from the other books but of course she was, shes a girl lol. I think the funniest thing about this series is that the SEVEN volumes only takes place in like 4 months, vs. His ONE volume taking up 2 YEARS lol it's like hearing a girl tell a story vs a guy telling the story. He leaves all the juicy parts out! Lol Japanese Notice me senpai. The last volume in the Asuna & Kizmel story (with some Kirito.)

While Asuna and and the dark elf NPC Kizmel are working together to retrieve the orders taken by the falconer's pet and take down the Falconer himself a conflict between Kirito and the trouble making PVPer Morte begins and ends in this final volume of the SOA Progressive manga. Certainly there is a clash between the two groups manipulated by Morte to take sides on the two different elf sides of the quest but Asuna has a way of bringing people and NPCs together unexpectedly.

Seeing Asuna slam into the Falconer's side with her sword and kick him away before turning back to her dark elf partner with eyes gleaming is probably one of my favorite moments in all of the progressive manga as Kizmel might be realizing she might be even stronger then originally thought so I imagine. All in all, SAO has a habit of being a little bit on the perverse side but I really did enjoy this series with its humor and action scenes though progressive is not much of a title short if this happens before they make it to the 3rd floor. I guess that's progress for you. :) Japanese I love this take on the progressive story. Love the added humor and expressions of Kirito and the gang. Japanese