Pain, Pain, Go Away By Sugaru Miaki

if you want to read something unique, give it a try! it was spooky, horrendous, magnificent, extremely sensible! Pain, Pain, Go Away the main fault to this book was the twist. if it had not been so obvious I probably would've given this a higher rating but because I saw it coming from the start, it lessened my feelings but i still enjoyed this read. I liked the two main characters and I really felt for them (unfortunately no tears though), their relationship was interesting and the writing was easy enough to fly though. so I recommend checking this out.

cw/tw: graphic violence, gore, murder, domestic abuse, physical abuse, child abuse, bullying, suicide ideation

Pain, Pain, Go Away the more i think about it, the sadder it gets. i love them with all my heart. Pain, Pain, Go Away 2.5 / 5
for some reason i couldn‘t seem to get invested in the characters, like even a few parts that are objectively good barely made me feel anything. the overall idea is amazing i just didn‘t like the execution much Pain, Pain, Go Away This shattered me.. I'll need several business days to collect my thoughts to produce coherent sentences regarding this book.. Yes possibility of that is very there's that. Pain, Pain, Go Away

Sugaru Miaki ê 3 characters

I'm dead. What are you going to do? In the fall of 22 when I was abandoned by everything and left alone, I was supposed to be a murderer. The girl killed by me got ten days of grace by postponing the moment of death. She decides to devote her precious ten days to revenge on those who have ruined her life. Of course, you'll help me, murderer. As we continued to take revenge, we unknowingly approached the truth behind the encounter between the two. It's a sad but warm memory of everyday life. And that day's goodbye. Pain, Pain, Go Away

Well, this story won't be leaving my mind for a while.

The basic plot is very unique: a girl with the power to postpone bad events that happen to her gets run over by our drunkenly driving main character Mizuho and quickly postpones her own death. Calling Mizuho a murderer for technically killing her - as she can only postpone her death for so long - she insists he compensate for his crime by helping her spend her last few days alive by seeking revenge on all the people that had ever hurt her.

Mizuho, in his desire to make amends, agrees, and thus begins a series of very graphic murders.

I am in pain. The plot had a few features which could be guessed at by the reader, but there were several others that took me by complete surprise and made for a very... interesting last couple of chapters. I don't often read authors' afterwords, but I accidentally found myself reading this one, and. Well. It punched me in the gut and left me in one of those many holes the author referenced in that final note.

Pain. Pain, Pain, Go Away Everything about this book is perfection. Its haunting, its ghastly, it horrifying and its tragic. I’m exhausted after reading this, its so emotionally draining. Chapter 7 and 9 did so so much i dont know how to put how much i love this book to words.

Worldbuilding, magic system, all of it was well explained and sprinkled throughout the story. The plot was so fucking unique and i dont think anyone has been able to call out the plot twist, its fuckkkkk. The intellectual input is illegal if you ask me because its so relatable and fuckk. I screamed and screamed and cried with this book. And the characters, they fucked me up so bad so so bad.

Some tw// domestic abuse, murder, suicidal thoughts, gore, serial killers, blood, depression, death, child abuse, spouse abuse, manipulation, blackmail.

Pain, Pain, Go Away You see someone that you know, and they ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand. Pain, Pain, Go Away This is such an odd, bleak little story - hard to read but also hard to look away from. The way all these horrific events from both the past and the present slowly converge upon each other towards an inevitably disastrous end is so fascinating to see. The characters are both repulsive and compelling, frustrating and sympathetic - it's honestly hard to explain the number of emotions I experienced while being in Mizuho's head. I just feel absolutely wrung out after reading this.

I can see how this book is not for everyone at all, but if you're in the mood for a dark, tragic, difficult read, definitely recommend this one.

CWs: graphic violence, gore, murder, domestic abuse, physical abuse, child abuse, bullying, suicide ideation Pain, Pain, Go Away If pain paingo away then why pain pain still here Pain, Pain, Go Away