Cedar Creek Brewery

Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek Brewery

244 E. Cedar Creek Parkway

Seven Points, TX 75143


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Cedar Creek Brewery is committed to serving the community of the Greater Cedar Creek Lake area. Our goal is to use every local resource that we possibly can. We will hire local people who care for our community. We will partner with other lake area businesses. We will use local ingredients in our brewing process. “Local” is our motto.

The decisions Cedar Creek Brewery Makes will have a positive impact for tomorrow. We will use cans instead of bottles. Cans are more easily recyclable, more lake-friendly and more light-weight, thereby burning less fuel when being transported while also creating fewer emissions in the air. CCB will also use plastic kegs. These too are more light-weight and reusable.

Our family is dedicated to the proper care and treatment of animals. As a company, Cedar Creek Brewery supports our local animal shelters, which are under-staffed and under-funded. We also support our local community, and extend a helping hand to all efforts help the Greater Cedar Creek Lake area continue to flourish.

Scruffy’s Smoked ALT; 5.1% ABV

Elliott’s Phoned Home Pale Ale; 5.1% ABV

The Lawn Ranger Cream Ale; 5% ABV