Wicked Beaver Brewery

Wicked Beaver Brewing LLC

10611 P.R. 1320, Suite #1

Wolfforth, TX  79382 



On an old dirt road, far from the beaten path, deep in the midst of no-where lives a Wicked Beaver. Why is he Wicked, you may ask?  He is Wicked from the ways of the world, so many demands, too many deadlines, minor appreciation, and never enough time. So with little more than the stick in his hand and the Hops in his hanker chief, he journeyed West. Upon arriving in the West he hopped from the tailgate, choked on the dust, and kicked a tumble weed rolling his direction. This is the West, the place full of opportunity “he asked himself” and sighed but after a few Wicked Cold months, the landscape began to change, grass became lush green, trees bloomed and the flowers opened. The Wicked Beaver found the warm days, and cool nights were perfect to pursue his passion.

The Wicked Beaver and his brewing partners have been Brewing Craft Specialty Beer’s in secret for years, perfecting the fragrant aroma by blending only best hops and hand selecting the Malted Barley for the most unique varieties of flavors and textures. The Wicked Beaver is ready to share his unique creations with you!

Wicked Brewers

On an old dirt road, far from the beaten path, deep in the midst of no-where lives a Wicked Beaver. Wicked Beaver is a hands-on Brewery, with no automation to speak of, this keeps us in touch with every batch of beer we brew. As Engineers by trade, the Wicked Beaver Brewers Michael Adams, Che Shadle and the Wicked Beaver himself have customized and simplified the design our basic 7 bbl brewing system. We did this by designing the tanks for ease of construction, which naturally lowered the initial costs. Wicked Beavers brewing system includes a kettle, masher/lauter tuns, fermenter and a bright tank, for carbonation.  And because we have friends at a large steel Manufacturing Company, our Brewing tanks are custom fabricated

Wicked Beaver Black Ale 

Timber Ale

Cream Weaver