Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

4834 Whirlwind Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78217



Ranger Creek is a combined brewery/distillery proudly located in San Antonio, TX.  We make beer and whiskey in our “brewstillery”, and we make it by hand one batch at a time with lots of love and attention.  As a combined operation, we use much of the same equipment to make both our beer and our whiskey, and we can do this because there are a lot of similarities between the two processes.  It’s actually a really cool process to see, and we invite you to come take a tour and learn about it for yourself.

What we stand for We believe in using local ingredients to make quality products by hand.  Sometimes we make them in traditional ways, and sometimes we experiment to create new and interesting things.  We think our beer and whiskey are best enjoyed paired with great local food and in good company.  Beer and whiskey are fantastic products with fascinating histories that only get more interesting as you learn about them.  We love to talk about them, educate people about what we know, and learn from all the great homebrewers, chefs, and industry folks we have the pleasure to talk to.

Where we came from TJ, Dennis, and Mark met coming out of business school while working for the same San Antonio corporation.   They quickly realized that they were three guys with a passion for beer and whiskey, entrepreneurial ambition, and a growing discontent for corporate life.  They joined the UFO club at the Flying Saucer and started discussing business ideas.  They met Rob, a manager at the Flying Saucer, and started homebrewing together.  It was pretty fun.

“Let’s start a brewery”, they said.  “We love beer, and as the 7th largest city in the U.S. with a rich brewing heritage, San Antonio seems to deserve a proper microbrewery.”  So they started writing their microbrewery business plan.

“No wait, let’s start a distillery”, they said. “We love whiskey, and Texans will love to drink a whiskey made in Texas.  Plus, the craft distilling movement is about to explode.”  So they started writing their microdistillery business plan.

“Hold on, what about the brewery?  Here’s an idea.  Let’s do both!  We love beer, we love whiskey, and it turns out that a lot of people are pretty excited about local beer and local whiskey.  Plus, it makes pretty good business sense.”

And with two business plans already mostly written, things started to click.  We set up the business, raised some money (thanks, Chase!), and asked Rob if he would brew for us.  He said yes.  So we ordered some equipment from Bavarian Holstein, started making test batches, found a building, and turned this Ranger Creek idea into a pretty cool business that we are excited about.

South Texas Lager; 5.2% ABV

OPA Oatmeal Pale Ale; 5.8% ABV

Mesquite Smoked Porter; 6.4% ABV

La Bestia Aimable; 9.4% ABV

Mission Trail Ale; 5.1% ABV

Uno; 5.8% ABV