New Braunfels Brewing Co.

New Braunfels Brewing Company

180 W. Mill St. #100 

New Braunfels, TX  78130



Around 1850 Julius Rennert began brewing in New Braunfels, Texas.  He is widely credited as brewing the first beer in Texas. In 1915 or so the New Braunfels Brewing Company picked up the brewing torch and mashed it’s first batch of local brew.  Even through Prohibition, NBBCo still brewed the good stuff and bootlegged it. But 1925 brought down the local brewery when authorities raided them and found the illegal brew.
The reincarnation of our New Braunfels Brewing Company started as a dream in 2010. We’ve located our nano-brewery in historic downtown New Braunfels and are available for tours and tastings. We approach our brewery project as a labor of love. Our beers are designed to reflect our community, refresh your palette and be a heck of a lot of fun!

Erde Weiss Hefe-Dunkelweizen

Left Weiss Hefeweizen

Feuer Weiss