Double Horn Brewing Company

Double Horn Brewing Company

208 Avenue H

Marble Falls, TX  78654



Double Horn was a town in central Texas that was formed in 1855. The town was founded at the headspring of Double Horn Creek and grew to a population of around 50 in 1884, complete with a school, churches, and a post office. Around 1900 the population began to decline until nearly all traces of the community were gone in the mid-1900’s.

So how did the town get the name of Double Horn? The town and the creek were reportedly named after an incident in which a pioneer found the remains of two bucks with interlocked antlers. Presumably, the two deer met at the creek, got into a tussle and died after their antlers became entangled. The Double Horn Brewing Company logo reflects the passionate battle of those two bucks.

Texas is a state where people have been enamored with the history behind the 266,807 square miles of the state that once stood as an independent republic before joining the Union on December 29, 1845. Double Horn Brewing Company’s hand crafted ales and cuisine hope to capture, preserve, and celebrate the pioneering spirit and inventiveness of the rugged Texas souls who founded the little Texas communities that helped establish our great state. Cheers!


Guero Wheat

1855 Pale Ale

Antler Amber

Porch Night Porter

Stout Scout

Sum Dat IPA

Burn Out IPA

Black Dan (Black IPA)