Yellow House Canyon Brew Works

Yellow House Canyon Brew Works

601 N. University Ave.

Lubbock, TX 79415



I am Yellow House Canyon Brew Works. I am born of the searing, dusty west Texas winds. My land, this land, is old, tracked with endless footprints. My roots are universal: hard work, the power of family, the kinship of neighbors and the welcoming of strangers. I treasure that heritage and use it to help me move forward into the future.

I create community, tell stories, give comfort and slake many kinds of thirst. I surprise, delight, challenge and confirm. I bring a world of great beer to West Texas in a way only a native can. I am new, but I am timeless. But mostly, I am in the glass. Drink deeply and enjoy!

In case you haven’t noticed, the beer world of the United States is in a small revolution. Alongside the mega brewers of the world a group of independent craft brewer are bringing old and new flavors to beer. We have choices we can make today about the style and flavor of beer we drink. For every style of beer, brewers create their own interpretation of the flavor of that style, giving us thousands of choices in the beer we drink. Being West Texas natives, the brewers at Yellow House Canyon Brew Works want to bring you all the flavors and traditions we have grown up with (and maybe a few new ones) in the beer we all drink. Saddle up and help us bring this new ride to West Texas!

Rolling Thunder Porter

Texas Highlands Scottish Ale

Dusty Panhandle Wheat

Down The Hatch Green Chili Ale