Triple J Chophouse & Brew Co.

 The Triple J Chophouse & Brew Co.

1807 Buddy Holly Ave.

Lubbock, TX 79401



Not just Lubbock’s only brew pub, but also a steakhouse where a comfortable atmosphere and a friendly service staff awaits you. With a wide variety of menu items, no wonder people claim we have “Darn Good Food.” Come in for a Well Crafted Beer, stay for the food.

Windmill Wheat; 5.2% ABV

Winterfest; 9.3% ABV

Main Squeeze Lemonade; 4.3% ABV

Wit Bier; 4.5% ABV

Winter Wheat; 6.6% ABV

Whynot Wheat; 4.5-5.2% ABV

Raider Red; 4.6-5.5% ABV

Black Cat Stout; 4.4-5.2% ABV

Big Bad Leroy Brown; 5.2-5.8% ABV

American Pale Ale; 5.2-5.8% ABV

Porter; 4.4-5.2% ABV

Give Em Helles; 4.8-5.5% ABV

Irish Red; 4.9-5.5% ABV

Jamie’s Malt Liquor; 7-7.5% ABV

Burning Kilt Scot’s Ale; 5.4-5.9% ABV

Kind Rye IPA; 5.2-5.8% ABV

Dos Czechies; 4.9-5.5% ABV

Karneval Kolsch; 4.5-5.2% ABV

Cerise Belgian Ale; 6-7.2% ABV

Oktoberfest; 5.2-5.8% ABV