Pedernales Brewing Company

Pedernales Brewing Company

97 Hitchin Post Trail

Fredericksburg, TX


  PEDERNALES BREWING COMPANY is proud to announce their highly anticipated opening in the city of FREDERICKSBURG, Texas.  TEXAS HILL COUNTRY’S newest microbrewery will feature Classic and German-style beers.  PBC’s impressive lineup of beers will include skillfully crafted lagers and ales.    At this time we are offering our flagship brands; LOBO and LOBO Negro. “LOBO” is the name of the WOLF native to Texas and the Southwest.  Sadly, the wolf was almost wiped out by big ranchers some 100 years ago; not unlike the small craft brewers who were similarly annihilated by prohibition.   BOTH ARE COMING BACK!  LOBO dates back to a recipe brewed in 1910.  It is masterly brewed with four classic ingredients:  Barley, American Hops, Yeast and pure TEXAS HILL COUNTRY WATER.  LOBO is a celebration of beer the way it was brewed 100 years ago.   Lobo Negro is a traditional dark “German Style” lager called Swartzbier, enjoyed for its smooth flavors of roasted malt, chocolate & coffee.  It’s rich, dark brown to near-black color may be intimidating to some, but don’t let it fool you!  This beer is light and creamy on the palate with a fresh, clean finish.  Enjoy with Texas BBQ or simply savor the malty goodness by the liter!    We would also like to introduce our line of “CLASSICS”, which will include an IPA, Hefe-Weizen and Kristall, amongst others.  PBC will honor tradition by brewing distinctive seasonal beers all year round.  Of course, with these, we want to keep you guessing!   PBC has begun distribution of kegs to Gillespie and outlining counties at this time, and will hit San Antonio soon, then Austin.    Bottled beer will be available at many retail stores as well as bars and restaurants.  Our bottled product should be on the shelves by the end of April.  We then expect to begin branching out all over Texas and neighboring states as production allows.   Please enjoy our first-class beers, and always drink responsibly.


Pedernales Lobo Texas Lager; 5.5% ABV

Pedernales Lobo Negro; 5.5% ABV

Pedernales India Pale Ale; 6% ABV

Pedernales Hefe-Weizen; 5.2% ABV

Pedernales Lobo Lito; 3.8% ABV